Friday, 10 October 2008

Dead wrong

Today is International Day Against the Death Penalty.

But I find it appalling; there shouldn't be such a day.

It shouldn't be needed. There shouldn't be a death penalty.

It beggars belief that anyone thinks that killing another human being solves anything. When a person is put to death by government sanction it diminishes all of us.

And don't give me that Old Testament crap about an eye for an eye. If you want to hold that as 'law' then I will demand that all other statements in the OT be also enforced. (For example: working on the Sabbath on its own commands a mandatory death sentence - Exodus 35:2).

And what would the fine Christian folk think of Islam's death penalty for apostasy? It certainly toughens the market for the evangelists.

The Australian Government, the whishiest of the whishy washy, opposes the death penalty for Australian but not for other nationalities. So what message is that sending? Not that the death penalty is wrong but that Australians should be treated deferentially to other nationals.

I received hate mail (real mail, we-know-where-you-live real mail) for my opposition to the execution of the Bali Bombers. What value is there in executing people who believe that death will deliver them their heavenly reward? Keep them alive, I say. The longer the better.

That's it.


  1. It surely is horrendous, Lee, how far we still are as humans from real humanity.

  2. Never had agree with any death sentence in any laws myself..but there's so many aspects of life that I can't comprehend either.

  3. amen.

    and speaking of justice....i hope oj simpson lives to be 120 and is still in prison for that last birthday!

  4. Now, I'm just a young guy so lots of what I say or believe is based on little life experience. I have lots to learn and I'm very open minded to others ideas. I also understand that many situations are much more complicated than most people think.
    Now, I just wanted to say that I have always felt that justice needs to be served otherwise we would have chaos. If I don't want my right to drive taken away, I should obey the traffic laws for wherever I am. On a much more serious level, but following the same idea, if I want to keep my right to life I should never take anothers from them.
    Like I said, situations are usually more complicated than posotive or negetive (no in between). Any insights to that? Like I said I am in life to learn and I'm young and willing to be taught.

  5. Today being the seventh day, Sabbath, you have just pricked my conscience. I like you.


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