Friday, 31 October 2008



Happy Halloween.

Rather than a pumpkin, this is a watermelon brain. Instuctions.

We here at A Curate's Egg have a couple of Halloween traditions:

1. Dinner is Worms & Pus, followed by Mud, Blood & Poached Brains for dessert.

2. Margaret always jumps up and down when the media unfailingly refer to Halloween as an 'American' festival. The Celts had it long before the Americans only they used turnips instead of pumpkins.



  1. Worms and pus? Charming! If it's OK with you, I'll eat out.

  2. funnnn! we will do this when we have a halloween party.

    on halloween we dress up and wear masks to greet the kids when they knock for their candy. we open the door and make horrible, cackling sounds and really scare the little ones! they recover, however, when they see the candy.


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