Sunday, 19 October 2008

November 1st falls on October 18th this year.

Basil seedlings are in the nurseries from early August but past experience has shown me that planting them in my garden before November 1st is a waste of time. The cold nights and frosts get them.

Consequently my computer calendar springs to life every November 1st and says "Plant Basil!"

This year I have decided that frosts are just not about to happen. Cool nights perhaps but nowhere near frosty and have planted some basil.

That means pesto sauce is two weeks closer too!


  1. Not concerned about Murphy's Law? If I did that, it would be like washing my car on the day I'm having a picnic..a sure promise of making it rain.

  2. Oh my gosh! The drool power of fresh Basil!!

  3. Susan! Come and wash my car! Please!

  4. Can't you plant them in a pot and grow the basil inside?

  5. Never tasted basil soup. If I were to be in Melbourne one day in my life, I'll force you to cook all the yummy things you've featured in this blog.


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