Monday, 6 October 2008

Black gold!

To people who are not Australian, or do not know Australians, Vegemite can be something of a mystery. But probably more Australians can sing the "Happy Little Vegemites" song than can sing the first two verses of our national anthem.

Thick, black and salty, made from brewery waste, it is very much an acquired taste. Don't let anyone tell you that it is 'just like Marmite', because it isn't. (mind you, there was a period in its life when Vegemite was called "Parwill", a parody of "Marmite".)

It is an Australian icon, something that we pine for when travelling. I remember it being on sale at travel agents in London.

Anyway, the reason for this post: the billionth jar rolled off the production line yesterday.


  1. I am quite partial to Vegemite myself. It is amazing how many children love it too.

  2. what do you do with it? do you mix it with something?

  3. We are very much a "Marmite family" and my daughter (exiled to W.Australia), pines for it. It is a standing joke with immigration at Perth airport when we declare the bottles of Marmite - very much a UK thing apparently.
    As to Vegemite - I suppose, like Marmite, it is an acquired taste - we found it too "sweet" in comparison.

  4. I've never heard of it till I read the story book you gave to Najid. It sounds special..I didn't know it's an Aussie thing..maybe one day I'll get to sample it.

  5. The only time I ever heard of it was when Phil Collins mentions a "vegemite sandwich" in one of his songs. I figured it had something to do with vegetables.

  6. Foul tasting. Salty, bitter with distinct funkiness and basically my tongue says no thanks.

  7. Interesting - this is the first time I have noticed a blog subject of mine coming round again. Inevitable I suppose. I posted on the subject on 31 December 2006, and you joined in the comments then, Lee. I first heard of Vegemite when watching Neighbours in the days when Kylie Minogue was making Vegemite sarnies for lunch for herself and husband Jason Whatsit.

  8. did you say 'brewery waste'?

    well, I guess I can't say anything about that.
    I mean, being as I smoked up to three packs of Marlboros a day for too long.

    The connection?
    Well, Boro is a small donkey.
    Marl is fertizer...and we all know where that comes from, right.
    So basically I was smoking boro waste.
    Terrible thought, really.
    But then, this March will be seven years of no tobacco!

  9. Vegemite - of course - we were brought up on it in the Mallee town. Take some to Fiji when we go also.


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