Sunday, 19 October 2008

Buddhist Soup

Most weekends we have soup for lunch.

Buddhist Soup.

No, no, no. You don't actually need a Buddhist to put in the soup. (I have generally found them to be tough and wiry, so best avoided anyway).

Buddhist Soup is where various leftovers from the preceding week get a second life, sometimes a third, coming back as a rich, and quite often mysterious, soup.

The only problem with Buddhist Soup is that, because your leftovers vary, you can never ever repeat it.

But it is always yum.

Or Om.


  1. Ahh! I see. Can you put anything in? Or does it require some judgement?

  2. I dont quite understand the liquid element?
    We used to have wonderful fry-ups of the leftovers. Not using fat or oil, but just the frypan & the leftovers. Some call it Bubble & Squeak.
    Our Small Grandson still insists it is 'boy. girl, animal' for reincarnation. I asked him how he knows this, & he confidently replied, "I JUST KNOW, OK??"
    Who am I to argue??

  3. I love soup. Really love it. I'm inviting myself to lunch next weekend, OK?

  4. Ah leftovers - I didn't realize they were of any religious persuasion but now I can see that I've had Buddhist soup (as you describe), Pentecostal soup (so hot it causes one to speak in tongues), Protestant Soup (constantly being reformed with the addition of various ingredients), and Shaker Soup (one trembles in anticipation). What a revelation;)

  5. I thought Buddhist Soup was when you made one with everything...

  6. I'm worried. Buddhist Soup. Does that mean I can, or I can't, have a glass of wine with it?

  7. Buddhist soup, pesto, home brew; you must be glad to be home after all your travels! They all sound good though, especially the soup. I'll have to give it a try.

  8. I'll never get Buddhist soup in this house..things get finished pretty fast!


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