Saturday, 25 October 2008

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time...

We decided to have lunch outside today. Yep. Soup. The jacaranda is without leaves at the moment and the flowers are yet to come so the sun was a bit strong on the back verandah.

Why not move the table over to under the ornamental grape on the trellis?

It seemed a good idea.

But we had ignored the green snow (above).

The ornamental grape is in blossom at present. Not a particularly pleasant or endearing blossom but lots of clusters of small green flowers. And they are falling like snow. Ok. Ok. Not exactly like snow but there are lots of them.

Before you know it you have little green pac-men on your cheese, on your soup, on your water, on your hair.



  1. hey, the green snow look nice, hope its not poisonous.

  2. We have a tree in the yard that snows pink (dunno what it is... I'm not horticultural-y). We learned the hard way not to eat near it during the blizzard either.

  3. Pac-mens looks nice in pictures!


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