Friday, 3 October 2008

Brain to mouth malfunction...

CNN moved up the ladder of dumb news services (although still not in a position to challenge today when, in response to the finding of Steve Fossett's plane, they asked the following question:

"How is it that 2,000 searchers failed to find the plane and yet a single hiker did?"

Oh, give me strength! The folk are not bright enough to be dumb.


Idle thought: What the remains at the crash site do not belong to Fossett at all? What if the plane crashed onto another hiker?


  1. Should it be mentioned that he wasn't looking for it and, when he found it, didn't realise what it was?

  2. That's what I really liked. This idiot finds id for Steve Fossett and doesn't even report it until he goes to work on Monday. If he hadn't have found the cash, he probably wouldn't have even said anything. Jeez!

  3. well, it may just be HOW things are reported there.
    For example, I went staightaway to after here and found a report quite disturbing!
    It said woman held over fire that killed her sons.
    Well, how did they know it was her if the fire was still burning and, why such a rush to judgment.
    Plus, to actually hold her over the same fire, while bending to the eye for an eye mode, seems a bit draconian, doesn't it?

  4. Did that make her the toast of the town?


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