Sunday, 12 October 2008

For when a 4WD/SUV is not enough...

In order to try and get a bit of a cross-section of what is happening in the world, I look in on a number of news websites. One of them is the Washington Post. Recently that website has been carrying ads for the Boeing HH-47 helicopter.

Are things so tough in the US now that Boeing wants to sell its weaponry to the average suburban reader? Is this the new way of getting the kids to school? Is it one-upmanship, where the Jones out-do their neighbours who only have an armour clad Hummer? Or has street violence reached a point where lift-and-carry is the only safe way to get to the mall?


  1. for human, 'enough' should be throw from their dictionary.

  2. weird way to get the word to our "impressionable" legislators, I guess. Maybe trying to soften them up for a round of lobbying?

  3. Yep, I would suspect that all the Congress people AND all the foreign embassy folks read those ads.

    Of course, Washington, DC is known for it's crime. Even the ex-mayor was a drug user. Maybe they do need more than some automatic weapons!

  4. How many cup-holders has it got? Is it available in a metallic finish? Can you leave it in a disabled space?


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