Monday, 27 October 2008

You can lead(light) a fairy to water...


Last December I did some leadlight panels (stained glass in some circles) for a tall, thin window in our pantry. I was really happy with the results, except for one thing: I felt I had chosen badly when selecting the colour for the wings of the fairy in the bottom panel (left side, above). I felt that they were too dark. But that meant cutting into the 'finished' panel, removing the dark pieces, cutting new ones and then reassembling everything. It could all go horribly wrong.

This afternoon I bit the bullet.

And am happy with the result.


  1. How beautiful it looks Lee, that does look better, all of the colours look brighter. :)
    I also think the lilies are lovely.

    I have been looking through your
    posts of your 'Great Adventure', what a wonderful trip, a tapestry of moments, cultures, colours, sights, sounds to name just a few, something very special to look back on. :) ♥ XO

  2. It's beautiful! I do love me some fairies... the winged kind, you know. Well, actually, I love a couple of the non-winged kind, too, now that I think about it :)

  3. Excellent job! The fairy must be happy now..

  4. how beautiful! i wish you lived closer so i could pick your brain and benefit from your skills!

    i spent one whole evening a few weeks ago reading your blog entries of your fabulous trip around the world! how thrilling - such amazing journeys you had. i am glad you shared it here. those of us who many never visit many of these places have now had a chance to see some of this remarkable world through your eyes. i had a lovely evening with your blog - thanks.

  5. You have chosen wisely. Looks great!

  6. You have chosen wisely. Looks great!

  7. Sorry about the double post..don't know how it happened and don't have the option to remove it. :-(

  8. I'm sure biting the bullet was hard, however it looks spectacular!

  9. beautifull work.I'm sure you must be very proud.


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