Friday, 24 October 2008

Now, that's more like it!

A few posts back, I was puzzled by a customs inspection of a condolences card from the UK.

Really, I wondered, it's a card in an envelope. Not even any lumps (until they squashed their explanation brochure into it). So, why the interest?

Well, the other day a large box we shipped from Morocco, one of the major marijuana growing areas in the world, arrived and that too had been inspected.

Now, THAT I understand.

But, no, there was nothing of interest in it to Customs either.


  1. I thought they have dogs to sniff any suspicious they still need to open up packages?

  2. Lee,...we know you and Margaret stuffed all the pot into that stone turtle she took a liking to.

  3. I think they regard you as 'a person of interest' so look forward to many more invasions of your mail. ;)


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