Friday, 17 October 2008


I am no supporter of John McCain but I had to feel sorry for him when the local paper printed the above photo of him this morning.

It is of the same ilk as those knicker-snaps (or worse) of celebrities getting out of their cars; things that are not even of a long enough duration to be deemed fleeting are caught by the high speed cameras and then frozen in time.

I saw the incident and in real time it just looked like a very human reaction. He had started to leave the stage the wrong way, expressed an 'oops!', corrected himself and headed off in the right direction.



  1. If you ask me, the poor, parched man is reaching for a glass of Pinot Noir...

  2. I thought that was very poor taste when the media grabbed that split second shot as well. It's been all over the prime-time news programs here and it's disgusting that they are stooping to such low levels to put more negative light on either candidate.

    I SO can't wait until this election is over, no matter WHO wins.

  3. Gosh--here in the US, the media wouldn't even research the truth about the whopping lies that McCain and Palin tell in the debates and in their campaign ads--much less actually PRINT the truth.

    Wonder why? (could it be because the main US media are now controlled by giant corporations with Republican ties?--yeah, that's it...)

    Needless to say, I've never seen this photo until now. I would have thought it to be a photoshopped caricature! (But representing McCain's true nature, if you ask me...)

  4. I don't think anyone's researching the lies and misrepresentations being told on either side, sadly. I will say, though, that this is the first time I've read any comment about the media being controlled by the Right... they're usually labeled 'The Liberal Media'... interesting to see different perspectives. McCain makes me heave (and Palin gives me nightmares) but stuff like this photo just proves that it really doesn't matter what the truth is anymore... everyone just wants to believe what suits them. Anyway, I'm with Windblownbutterfly... things will be better (well, that's relative, I guess) when it's all over.

  5. The US needs a monarchy like the UK's (and Australia's!) - no power, you've got them for life, so so you don't have to keep gambling on a new one, they often come with loveable eccentricities, and they're great for filling column inches in the gutter press when things are slack.

    Get a monarch today - you know it makes sense!

  6. That the purpose of media, to make small thing look bizarre, lol. But believe me Malaysian mainstream media is not that type, they only can publish the perfect and good stuff about the politician, or else they will be banned by the How ironic this world ..

    But don't worry you can find all the imperfect photos in the left sided

  7. "Political discourse," so to speak, has been getting less substantive for decades in the US. Just when you think it couldn't go further, it does.


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