Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Been out in the sun too long, perhaps.


Australia, well most of it, went on to daylight saving last weekend. I have no drama with that at all, we could stay on daylight saving all year as far as I am concerned.

But I had to shake my head in disbelief when callers to a radio station started blaming our drought (Ten years and counting. When does a drought become a permanent climate change?) blaming our drought on the "extra hour of sunlight".

No doubt these were the same people who complained that their curtains would fade quicker and cats would be copulating on their front lawns in broad daylight if we adopted daylight saving.

Perhaps it's time to chlorinate the gene pool again.


  1. I do know if is a good thing
    or bad to find your nation has
    dumb people as dumb as our nation.
    We had a person who thought because
    of the "extra" hour the sun was
    tipping in the sky and they knew
    that because the shadows were in
    a different place than before.
    I could cry.
    Kay Lee

  2. I still don't understand daylight savings time. If folks wanted the extra hour to play in, why not get up earlier?

    On the other hand, if they're really bent on the daylight savings time, perhaps make it more worthwhile. Say, season's saving time.
    Then a nation could just slip by what may be a rough season, and start up with Spring. Kiond'a what you did to your Summer, isn't it, Mr. Kennedy?

    Oh the silliness of mankind.
    Indiana was one of two states holding out on switching because most folks wanted nothing to do with it. Business, however was split down the middle. Half wanted to be aligned with New York City, where a fair amount of commerce is traded with, wqhile the other half wanted to be aligned with Chicago, which not only had some commerce with, but, alos close enough that the city of East Chicago is in Indiana.

    Of course, you know with legislators in both our countries being the mental giants that they are, chose to put us on New York time (?) ....

    Well, I experimanted some.
    On several of my clocks I didn't change the time at all when the TV told us to cjange the clocks, and on some I changed it (if I knew how. Sadly, the VCR came as a second hand gift when ours broke, and neither of us know how to adjust the clock) Then, justy to make sure that this was a truly blind study (Lord knows, I can be as blind as anybody) I randomly set some clocks to times around the world.
    The study proved out that absolutely nothing changed except the clocks.

    Oh well.
    Back to the drawing board.
    Not to monkey with time, mind you.
    It's just that the clock back by the drawing board was one of the foreign time clocks.
    Japan, I think.

  3. I was once being driven to work by a neighbour and he twigged that I was watching my watch. "Don't worry" says he, "if it is important, they will wait for you. If it's not...why are you going?"

  4. Time in the UK seems to be governed by children going to school in the north of Scotland. Whenever there's talk of change, such as aligning us with Europe, we're told that the kids would be walking to school in the dark and this is more dangerous than walking home in it.

    I'll be happy to go along with this notion as long as someone finds me a child in Britain who still walks to school.


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