Sunday, 25 September 2011

The garden is alive!


Some ornamental grape that the possums haven't found yet.

The lovely kissing flowers of the Dogwood.

Some 'Honesty' that the snails haven't found.

One of the 'democratic jungle' spots in my garden.

My brain is about to flower again.

The vaguely phallic Jasmine.

The always beautiful wisteria.

A new wisteria, in the back yard, heads up to the new trellis...

Some vegetables...


Second crop of the purple broccoli.

Broadbeans in full flower, if not quite with pod yet. (Well, it's Melbourne...)

The last of the Tamarillos (could be a movie title.) lurks in the leaves.

Into the blue...


This last week was the first time our solar production exceeded consumption, since week-ending April 2.

Pretty close to the equinoxes, at both ends.

Minor pruning?


Our neighbour has trimmed his Pin Oak. About a third removed.

To the east of us so doesn't affect much, garden-wise. Be interesting to see how it goes/grows over the summer. Stay posted.