Friday, 12 January 2007


I'll spare you the sad and sorry details but A Curate's Egg is sort of back up and running.

The chickens are of course of symbolic of rebirth and renewal, so favoured by the religious types now that the Easter season is upon us. Well, it must be; there are hot cross buns in the shops. Have been for a week or two. What? Really? Still 87 days to go? Oh, well. The thought is there.

In the new form, my religion and chemistry blogs have gone. Politics is there as 'The Odd Angry Squawk', Sex is there as 'The Curate, After Dark'. (see side bar).

For those of you wondering why this blog, and indeed my website, is called A Curate's Egg, it all relates to the following George du Maurier cartoon that appeared in Punch Magazine, November 9, 1895.

I'm a slow reader.



  1. Thank God you're back! I has suspected that conversion to beta moght be the reason we can't get you. So sad all the other blogs are gone..but I assume this your new 2007 outlook, right?

  2. Yes, I hadn't really thought of it like that but yes. I am still pondering the fate of the sex and religion blogs, I do like making the odd stand here and there but want to keep 'A Curate's Egg' G-rated. I'll see what people think.

  3. Lee

    Had me worried there. Should have twigged with your post about new years resolutions. Glad you're back on board.

    As for the hot cross buns with you, over here, the adverts for easter eggs have already hit the screens.

  4. Glad to see you back in whatever form!

  5. welcome back... hope the melt down was eye-opening and short lived. Been there done that for sure lol...

    As for your blogs... I read the Curates Egg and the Sex one. I actually would probably just defer to the sex one if it were P.C. but I feel like we should at least date at Curates Egg first then go in for the bang... (and yes that pun was intended lol*wink hehehehe I am just kidding though!!!IK this is g rated and that was definately pg rated!) ok so I have had a lovely glass of B&B so I am being open and more forthcoming than normal... but truthful for sure!

    You must feel great that so many people missed you Lee! It says a lot about you.

    cheers! Kate

  6. those two chicks perfectly symbolize the warm, fuzzy feeling i(the former farm girl) got when i found you'd returned. lee, you mustn't disappear like that again. (do i sound like a mom, or what?)

  7. Kate: The sex blog has sort of resurrected (see sidebar). Just for you, of course! (wink).

    Snowsparkle: Sorry Mom. It wont happen again.

  8. Lee, I am soooo glad you are back, in whatever form, although I shall miss the old layout, with each section having it's own picture (is that what you call an avatar?) At my age I don't need a glass of B&B (whatever that may be)to admit that I hit the Sex one first every time, Religion and Politics next, and the others after that. I presume G and PG are viewing ratings as for films etc, imposed by government or whatever. We have Parental Guidance here in the UK, but I'm not sure about a G - General?

    For some reason your page is now too wide for my screen, and I have to scroll right and left to see it all. It's not a problem I have with many websites and I don't understand why it happens. Any ideas?

  9. So glad you are back.
    The Curate, after Dark...I like it
    Glad you resurrected the sex blog, it was always my first stop too.
    Here's to the rebirth!

  10. Don't ever do that again! We missed you!

  11. Glad to see you back... after continually being redirected to that advertising site when clicking on your link, I started thinkin you moved and didn't tell me on purpose... :-(

  12. Oh i got it.... the cartoon joke, i mean.


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