Thursday, 18 January 2007

Just a Wii problem.

I knew too much water was bad for you but I thought it meant you drowned.

Apparently you can actually drink too much water and get something called water intoxication.

The other day a contestant in a competition to win a Nintendi Wii game died after, as part of the competition, drinking a large quantity of water. Last one left standing won the game. The reports don't say whether she won or not.

Who thinks up these competitions?



  1. Silly people make up the games- and foolish ones play them...
    and then the silly people get sued!

    I had a moment of worry when my link to you didn't work-my mind went into dark corners (having read a very moving poem at Cosmo's place)...and I sat here at my computer and let the feelings and reality wash over me-

    "All those words...gone."
    I was sad...where, why, what???
    Then I found you again :)
    All is right with the blog world :)

    I'll update my link at MV-
    Have a lovely day :)

  2. This is so silly and ridiculuous! Of course you can die either by instant overeating or overdrinking! Yes, I wonder who's the stupid organizer..

  3. ten people were fired over that contest...

  4. I heard about this. So tragic. She was 28, and a mother of 3.

    No, she didn't win.

    The radio show that ran the "hold your wee for a Wii" said they had considered the risk, but thought that they'd been cautious enough.

  5. Not me, that's for sure, though I do drink lots of water! But it's the red wine or the scotch that intoxicate me! ;)

  6. I heard about it too, it's so uneccesary.


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