Wednesday, 31 January 2007

What if...

I attended a short course at a local college a while back. In the course the instructor asked us to imagine our best holiday. What would we do, where would we go, if money was no object? How would we travel? What would we eat?

Dream the ultimate holiday.

Once we had done that, we were asked to determine what values we were applying to our imaginary holiday. Were they values of curiosity? Adventure? Luxury? Indulgence? Education? Culture?

What values did we draw on to make our perfect holiday?

And then the killer question: what would happen if you took the values that you applied when you were on four weeks holiday and applied them to the other forty eight weeks of your year?

What if you walked down the street as if it was a foreign land and actually looked at the houses? Smelt the smells? Heard the sounds?

What if your shared your self more with people you met?

What if you ate out more and tried different cuisines more often?

What if you visited more galleries and museums?

What if you permitted yourself to really relax?

What if you had more hot baths and massages?

What if you did more 'interesting' things because you needed to do them while you were 'here'?

What if you woke in the morning and looked forward to the day, eager to see what it offered you?

What if you put flowers in your hair and danced naked in the moonlight?

What if.


  1. Wow..that's a nice way to treat your everyday life..It won't be so boring then..but that also means I won't work at all coz working doesn't exist in vacation!

  2. to "what if?" we could ask "WHY DON'T we do all these things?" and that would give us a lot to ponder indeed. If we defer our full living/full enjoyment to another/separate time then maybe we lose out on some daily joy.

  3. Mmmmmmmm, I think I would be well and truely knackered! However, it's a great thought, I shall look at my trip to town to day to complete mundane errands, in a new light.

  4. What a great idea. Maybe one couldn't do all this all the time, but something you can do any day anwhere is walk down the street as if it was a foreign land and LOOK, and LISTEN, and SMELL.

    And it's easy to share yourself with other people while you are out and about - a smile, a spotaneous compliment on a colourful outfit, a sympathetic comment for a hardworking gardner. I do a lot of that.

    And that might be enough to get you waking in the morning looking forward to the new day. So that would be a pretty good start.

  5. Having been made redundant today from the stricken donkey that is our National Health Service, I shall take time to reflect on this wonderful post.

    Thanks Lee

  6. indeed, what if!!! an excellent way to appreciate each moment. i was almost hit by a train yesterday.... i splurged and went out for a nice lunch because it was clearly brought into focus that life is too short.

    thanks for this reminder, lee!

  7. I do a lot of those 'what ifs'...some I can't do...such as taking a hot bath as unfortunately, I don't have a bath tub here in this cabin and the sink is a wee bit small for me to hop in to at will! Massages...well, other than having to spend a fortune on receiving them...I'll have to do without them, also...unless my two cats decided to walk over me (which they do both connotations!)

    Many times I've danced naked in the rain and in the moonlight..minus the flowers in my hair...

    Ever since I took up drawing and painting, I've really noticed my surroundings when out driving or walking...and when reading books and magazines. I guess this will hold true when I get more familiar with my new digital camera, too.

    Thought-provoking post, Lee...thanks.

  8. not a lot of dancing naked by the light of the moon happening on my vacations Lee... hehehe

    It is a great question. I think that because it is special we appreciate it all the more.. same concept that it takes adversity to really appreciate happiness... doing without appreciate wealth... long hard weeks of work make us appreciate the clam of vacation.

    I do like the list!

  9. I've often been overcome with a sudden urge to skip down the street, or whirl around in the middle of it, but have held off, for fear of looking foolish. But I think the next time I'm struck with that urge I'll give into it.

  10. I used to drive the car into town (3 miles) trog around looking for a parking spot and do my business with one eye on the clock in case the meter ran out. Then back in time and drive home again.
    I now cycle into town by the little back routes, park the bike outside which ever shop I go in. Have a relaxing latte and cake in a civilised coffee bar (part of a book shop - another bonus), then cycle back, perhaps taking in the river route. Greener, pleasanter and so much more relaxing - time to browse and chat. I actually enjoy and look forward to that town journey these days.

  11. So true, and then we will all have less regrets when it's way to late!
    No more I should have's or I wish I did's!! Makes me think!

  12. I often use "What if..." prompts in my writing classes. Seems to me, if we're writing our lives, we ought to write in some good scenes! I don't dance naked in the moonlight but I often give in to the urges Shara mentions and twirl or sing or skip when I'm happy, even though I have to suffer indulgent smiles. If I grin back, it makes it all ok.

  13. I'm totally ready for a vacation now.

  14. If I permitted myself to really relax, I would sit down and never get up. haha

    I don't think I have ever watched a movie from start to finish, I always think of something that needs to be done in the middle, and jump up.

    I guess what I am saying, no matter how nice a Holiday I would be on, I would always wonder if things were getting done at home. I can't relax, anywhere.


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