Saturday, 13 January 2007

Just a question...

In setting up the new blogs I have been playing with how to get a graphics header happening in place of a straight text header.

Well, I have been successful in getting it to work but I made the headers 900 pixels wide. No real problem for me as I have a large screen and it gave me maximum freedom in creating the graphics.

But Judith is having some problems with the width of the site.

Is it giving anyone else any problems?


  1. All ok on the 15' here at home, I will have a look on the laptop soon and will let you know.

  2. Gosh it looks great and I feel like such a blog dinosaur! I

    have no idea how to alter the graphics... ok I am going in search of info! lol
    I love the Font you used in your title.

  3. Talking of fonts, I wanted to ask what you used for your home page header "A Curate's Egg", and sub- headings - that really grabs me too. You may not wish to give away your secrets, of course.

  4. Works for me. I'm just happy to see you here instead of being redirected to "adhesives" :)

  5. no problems with my browser or monitor... it looks beautiful!

  6. I'm just happy I can find it, like Pauline. The adhesive magnets were an awful shock, and then one day your profile disappeared entirely. Now I have to go back and read what you've written, I was just so pleased to find a link from a comment left on Snowsparkle's blog.

  7. The font in the title here is Zapfino; the one on the webpage is Papyrus.

  8. A Curate's E

    No, it's just fine.
    'Course, knowing the name from before lets m'mind do the finish on the name....I'm guessing here, Egg?

    Ah, but consider a rose, eh?
    Wouldn't it still smell as sweet even if it were called a dandelion?
    And, quite possibly, a rose by any other name would also have thorns that prick yer fingers when y'blindly grab'em.....
    so, be careful!

    Glad yer still here, guy!

  9. I use a laptop and your blog is fine. No problems , can see all of it.

  10. Unfortunately, due to the age and lack of size, I too have to scroll across, but worry not

  11. Rather late than never. Laptop here is fine to, I have a 12' screen.
    Love the new look Lee.

  12. It seems this problem of width is limited to a small minority, so I don't think you should worry about it. It won't stop me coming here!

  13. It seems this problem of width is limited to a very small number, so I don't think you should worry about it. It won't stop me coming here!

    Thanks for the font names, by the way. It's the papyrus I love, and I'm looking for a free download. But I won't use it on my blog. I amsurprised it was designed in the 1980s, I had guessed around the 1930s.


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