Monday, 15 January 2007

Where there's smoke...

Photo from Thomas Herbrich.

Boneman and Kate had a bit of a disagreement on marijuana and cigarette smoking in the comments to the last post.

I take a slightly different view. But I would, wouldn't I?

Both things are plant matter and they are being burnt and the smoke inhaled.

The smoke from both consists of a pharmacologically active substance (THC or nicotine), probably more but they are the well known ones, and a whole conconction of tars and resinous matter.

Tars being an assortment of organic compounds that have been modified, degraded and polymerised by the burning process. To what? What exactly is condensing in your body? They, to me, are more of a health worry and therefore I put marijuana and tobacco in exactly the same basket, risk-wise, as I do any smoked plant matter.

I would happily try a 'hash cookie' to see what the fuss was about but there is no way I would smoke any.

Now, there is the obvious question: what about other things that are charred before consumption? Such as roasted coffee, toast and BBQ chops. I guess I have greater faith in the stomach handling them as they either pass through the system or, if they get into the blood stream, get removed by the liver.

There doesn't seem to be a sump plug to my lungs.


  1. eatin' the stuff....well. It ain't what it's put up t'be in terms of a high, BUT it does perk up the appetite as much as smoking., but, alas, that turns out to be a double edged sword if y'weren't smart enough to make something good t'eat BEFORE getting the buzz.

    Ma tried some "cookies" after one of her more grueling chemo therapies and it had the desired effect, and as I ain't such a bad cook, I also whipped up some secret family recipe chicken (italian dressing, skillet, chicken till browned, douse with dressing, turn heat to low for about an hour and a half) and nuked a 'tater (what's "tater" precious?) and it did such a great job of getting her "back at it" so to speak that she didn't need any more pot prior to food that session.

    No doubt to yer accuracy on the smoke factor, though.
    Thing is, Ma smoked cigarettes, dad smoked cigars and a pipe, and on cold days driving, there weren't much window cracking fer us two kids.
    'Course, lil brother would whine like a grabbed piglet till they would let him crack his window some. He never did pick up smoking.
    Me? Heck, started snitching cigarettes from Ma's purse in 1957, from dad's cigars box from about 1959, and while I wasn't inhaling it so much (from the puff) until 1966, the thing is, I quite liked the smoke.
    Tried quitting three times from a three pack a day habit, and though none were successful, I felt it had as much to do with conviction as addiction to nicotine, the most addictive substance in the world.
    I worked on the problem from that standpoint, and came up with what I felt was a winning idea, and that, along with using pot whenever I felt the "smokies" come up on me got me past the few months stage.
    That was March 16, 2002 at 4:35 in the afternoon.
    And, I also discovered that clover flowers are smokeable, mint, catnip(the last two actually taste like menthol) but, during the first year or so, male pot plants were the smoke of choice. That way, I could get the smoke into me without being stupid stoned all the time.
    Still get the "smokies" once and a while. I have a few friends who smoke pot, though, and it's fairly easy to get.

    And....I might as well mention this one in case someone does it to any of your cigarette smoking blogging buddies....
    I occassionally step up closer to folks who are smoking cigarettes (whether I know them or not) and I know about all the bed press about second hand smoke, but, hey. If they don't want me using them for a "patch" then they can always quit themselves.

    Lastly, and I don't mean to create a war over this on yer site, but, there has to be one more thing said.
    Cigarettes, cigars, and like products KILL over 100000 people in the USA every year.

    So far, no one has ever died from just smoking pot. NO ONE.

  2. Thanks for the background, Boneman.

    I don't smoke and I am not trying to pass judgement on people who do. My point is that they are all equally bad from my perspective; not from their active ingredients (nicotine is not just the most addictive by the way, it is also one of the most toxic plant chemicals around. Maybe second to ricin.) but from the tars and resins they produce.

    I would dispute your assertion that no-one has died from pot smoking.

    The black goo that condenses from cigarette smoke will be pretty much the same black goo that condenses from pot or any other burnt plant matter.

    Most pot smokers do or have smoked cigarettes so the comparative data is dodgy from that perspective and when people are dying from lung cancer the question on the form is 'Are you a smoker?'. The source of the smoke is not determined: tobacco, pot, mint leaves, whatever.

    Smoke is smoke.

  3. Glad I found you again! I was going through withdrawals...

  4. Glad I found you again, Lee...I tried many times over the last few days!

  5. 'Sump plug in my lungs'..... mmm, perfect description L.That could go on all pkts of coffin nails could it not?

  6. LOL, no, regular useage of pot just makes you lethargic, provides you with low self esteem, no motivation and if you're really unlucky, a psychotic mess. But hey, its ok coz it aint killed anyone!

  7. my best friend tried hash cookie and fainted..right after swallowing...foolish girl!

    I don't like asthma...


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