Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Noah way known!

"How old is the Grand Canyon? Most scientists agree with the version that rangers at Grand Canyon National Park tell visitors: that the 217-mile- long chasm in northern Arizona was carved by the Colorado River 5 million to 6 million years ago.

Now, however, a book in the park's bookstores tells another story. "Grand Canyon: A Different View," by veteran Colorado River guide Tom Vail, asserts that the Grand Canyon was formed by the Old Testament flood, the one Noah's Ark survived, and can be no older than a few thousand years.

- San Francisco Chronicle.

Ye Gods! Sorry, Ye God! Where do these people come from?

And where did the water go to?

Even if you take the view that God did the forty day and forty night thing and that this resulted in a world wide flood that killed all creatures (both wicked men and innocent gazelles!) except those on the good ship Menagerie, you have to just wonder about the mechanics of the process.

If the whole earth was covered to sufficient depth by water to do the mass slaughter deed that was required, it raises a number of questions:

Where did the water come from?
Where did the water go to?
To carve out the canyon it would need to be flowing, not just evaporating. To where? What is down stream when the whole place is flooded? When New Orleans got flooded there wasn't great erosion, there was a great deposit of silt and sludge.

And most pertinently: Do these people have George's ear?


  1. And most pertinently, George's mouth?

  2. Best really to ignore these "Georges", I think. They are so intellectually arid and so certain of their views ("faith not science) that there is no arguing with them.

  3. Noah's story is in Quran too. Some things..actually a lot of things that happened is inexplicable.

  4. Nah, I don't think Noah's flood did this, probably wind erosion over years and years?! It is after all as you say, where did the water flew to?

  5. Yep...definitely was Global Warming in action!

    Well, the water definitely isn't hiding here! We're experience a drought at the moment...unless of course, someone's hiding it away somewhere in a secret cavern! ;)

  6. i'm with avus, plus i think george has his head so hopelessly far up his arse, he can't hear anyone anyway.

  7. They pulled the plug, and the water ran out.
    That simple.

  8. There's a simple answer to your questions Lee: It's a miracle! Case closed.

  9. Nah, not a big fan of miracles. I like good, hard, logical sequences.

    (So why am I doing psychology?)

  10. Who is George???

    George W is for Wacko Bush.

  11. haha, all very good questions....

  12. Actually, having seen this and he Yosemite mountains further up the state, I kept getting in trouble fer saying that there was no way for them to prove it took millions of years.

    Then, low and behold, a pbs special on a different theory, and I liked it a lot better.

    As the glacier that tore the original "hole" in the ground built up, it was warmed internally by sunlight, created a somewhat "honeycombed" structure to near all of the size of the structure, then on a fine, warm summer day, it all crumbled and fell in on itself creating a super wave that did the major carving that we call the grand canyon, and left behind what we call yosemite park.

    Still, as nice as THAT sounds, here still ain't any proof of any of the grand theories behind these massive stuctures (or, in the grand canyon's case, lack of structure....no really. The ground is so flat around it y'all sneak right up to it before y'actually see it) and, in fact, I think there might only be one such credible theory behind any of the great ranges of the world, and that would be the range with Everest, which is being created from India slipping underneath China.


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