Monday, 13 October 2008

How odd. Being bugged or having bugs?

Got a card from Margaret's aunt and her husband giving condolences over Dad's death.

It had been opened by Quarantine.

And passed, for what it was worth. Inside there was a Quarantine flyer saying that they had opened the card and that they had not taken anything out.

But how odd for them to open it at all. A card is kind of flat and any inclusions would be obvious but they say that there was nothing in it. So flat it is.

Perhaps it smelt of drugs.

Or Tweed perfume.


  1. Verry oddball. Big brother gone mad?

  2. If that had happened here, I would have assumed that the gov't was hoping it was a birthday card with some cash in it.

  3. nowadays all stuff can be suspicious..ordinary people sadly always be a victim.

  4. Maybe they just have a rule that they must open every 500th letter that comes off the conveyor belt, and yours was unlucky!

    Or maybe there is a fashion for sending fancy cards made with pressed flowers and stuff which might carry bugs. My son in Sydney tells me if I pack his books in wooden boxes they will be sprayed with insecticide on arrival in Oz, and will I please use cardboard boxes for shipping.

  5. omg, i have not thought about tweed perfume in years! my mother wore it in my early childhood!

  6. poppy seed muffins?

    Maybe Aunt also partakes in...well. Pot ain't a bad thing, you know.

    But, I'll put money on random!

  7. My parcel from Africa got checked as well but for me I think they checked the wood in the pencils out maybe. Also nothing got taken out. But your card, how weird.

  8. Someone perhaps looking for some cash and in that case if found your card would have most likely disappeared. :)


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