Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Not just the perfect way of getting your fat and salt.


So, what do the aromas of bitter cocoa, butterscotch, cheese, earthy potatoes, onions, and flowers and ironing boards give you, if you combine them?

According to scientists at Leeds University, you get the aroma of chips.

Or fries, for those across the Pacific.

Or chups, for those across the dutch.

"Perhaps these findings will see chips treated like wine in the future -- with chip fans turning into buffs as they impress their friends with eloquent descriptions of their favorite fries," Dr Graham Clayton said, hedging his bets on the chips-fries controversy.



  1. I thought that was obvious. Can't humans easily detect these things? Sometimes I just smell chips on the footpath and think,"strong on the ironing board, just how I like them. The cheese isn't coming through so well. I think they need to age for another day or two... oh bugger it, I'll eat them now."

  2. In another recent study they found that "skunk cabbage" smells like a combination of polyurethane, ironing boards and wet baseball bats. But like Ruby, I read stuff like that and just go, "DUH!"

  3. You get the aroma of chips... but do you get the TASTE of chips?

  4. chips I love em, I finally said it. Must dash just off to drool over my ironing board.

  5. Then I must stay away from the ironing board. No wonder ironing makes me gain weight!

  6. I never cease to wonder where you get all these interesting info from.

  7. Sorry but I'm olfactorily challenged. I bet this work was government funded too. Jeez, I guess I'm a grouch today. Have a good one.

  8. I'll join in the general chorus. Ironing boards?

    Must swear off ironing. Now that we've proven that ironing can lead to weight gain.

  9. Yes, I do. notice, and thank y0u from the bottom of my tired little cursing heart when the beggar asks for those letters, I type them in, and it says I was wrong (excuse me?!) and I have to do it again.
    I figure if I still drank, I would before going to blog comment boxes with the verification box, because it would HAVE to be easier to read than that....

    OK OK
    So, enough of the thanking and complaint department.
    About the taters. (same as potatoes except I don't get slapped with how stupid I am for spelling it with an 'E'....)
    While the chips have been good to me in my lifetime, I suspect it was metabolism that kept them from showing belly-wise. I had often heard that when we turn fourty (or fifty) that everything we ate that was junk goes immediately to our gut, and well, that's just not true.

    Some of it goes to the butt.

    (Heck, for that matter, some folks are really 'fat-heads' and maybe that's what happened there.)

    But, dang! This is already turning into a long reply before i get to the meat of the matter.
    And the meat is precisely that.
    When one cuts potatoes into quarters and puts it with the meat, it soaks the meat flavor into the tater, sort'a like getting more meat for free.

    A lessor heard of product (and one you may want to investigate) is the Yucca plant root.
    A beautiful, cactus like plant, looks like an airplane plant (or spider plant) that got a leaf into the wall socket.
    Throws a beautiful flower set on a spike, stays pretty looking with a wonderfully subtle scent of sugar through a couple of Summer months. Fairly drought-proof, too.
    But the unheard of part is the root, and I don't know when to harvest it, but there is a restaraunt in Indianapolis that has Yucca Root dinners (usually a side to a meat dish).
    The root breaks down to a potatoe-like texture with fibers (?) and soaks up meat flavors and is really easy on the gut.

    For more info on this and other dishes with Yucca plants, look it up.
    Lord knows I've already written more in this silly comment than the actual post, for crying out loud!

  10. Hmmm... that's interesting, maybe all of the scientists had chips for lunch.
    Everyone knows ironing is no good for you. ♥

  11. MMMMMMMM...My mouth is watering. They're the best.

  12. ((chips)) - I like homemade ones best - and baked in the oven with very little oil sprayed over the top. That way it is a healhy serving of goodness.

    My, I sound such a healthy person - if only you knew.


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