Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Crash and Burn Gardening


I haven't felt like posting for a few days. Gardening blues perhaps. Things are getting dryer and crunchier. More high temperatures on the way with Saturday supposed to be 43°C again.

I feel a bit like Sophie, in the movie Sophie's Choice, having to chose which her children to save.

Hindenburg trivia: Apparently the meals on the airship did not include garlic because garlic gas was included with the hydrogen so that they could smell a leak.

The crepe suzettes were a bad idea too.


  1. Yes crepes suzette would definitely be a 'no no' on the dessert menu.

    The heat you are experiencing is unbelievable, we have some more high temperatures predicted for the week-end.

    Its watering day today so I was giving some of my plants a much needed drink at dusk in an effort to save them and was thinking about you and your crunchy garden,I'm sorry Lee, its very sad.
    I have lost some ferns and the leaves on my kumquat are actually bleached from the sun, gosh we all desperately need some rain. ♥

  2. LOL aboout the crepes! Banana flambe was out of the question too then?

    So sorry to hear about your garden. I hope you have some cooler weather soon.

  3. Wish I could have sent some of our rain your way yesterday.
    Partly because the ceiling in the living room now has a leak. damn.

    Sorry about your garden.

  4. But the ashes are good for the soil, aren't they?

    Sorry about the garden. Want some snow?

  5. Just be glad the Hindenburg was owned by Germany and not Greece… Ohpah

  6. Isn't it awful when one watches plants and shrubs suffering because of the weather. In our case it's frost but then of course we can cover them with protection - in your case things are little more difficult.

    wishing you cooler weather

  7. Conversation in a Cornish village about 30 years ago :
    - we always talk about the weather
    - yes, well we 'as such a lot of it !

  8. I am in a "garden depression" Lee. I am also SICK of the heat too !!!
    Not looking forward to Saturday. I was going to go shopping with daughter and grandson but we have shelved that idea!

    * I did not know they put a garlic smell in the airship! Do you remember the yellow Whitmans chocolate Blimp that used to sail around in the sky here? I wonder if they had chocolate smelling gas in it???

  9. Heat wave expected in Sydney too : /

  10. water at night, stop looking at it..
    The true beauty would be under the surface, anyway. Roots are so cool!

    That would be the last of the three numbers, but, whatever you do, don't try to fertilize in heat like that.
    Hey...if y'want, I'll send you my foot of snow and -5 F expected tonight?

  11. Crepes suzettes, hahahaha!

    Sorry about the frazzled garden, we lost a Japanese maple in the heatwave a few years ago... not much sign of such things in the last few years, though.

  12. I really did burst out laughing at your last sentence. The heat has not affected your sense of humour it seems.

  13. oh....and all the pipes froze up overnight, again.

    I'm getting too good at that stunt.

  14. Cool thoughts from the land of Canada (Ontario, near Toronto). It was -21 degrees Celsius here last night ... -14 during the day. We've had weeks of way below zero temps... good news, supposed to go above 0 tomorrow ... we'll try to send the cold your way ...

  15. I'll send you all the snow we have. It'll melt and take away the dryness.

  16. Sorry to hear about your garden depression. Can't really relate though. I've never managed to grow anything much - carrots when I was about six was my high point. Hope the weather moderates and some of your garden comes back to life.

  17. One of my neighbours put some white sheets over some of his garden beds yesterday, might try it tomorrow as we are expecting 42C and 46C on Sunday. ♥

  18. Sending all my rain here if I could..just hang on there..


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