Saturday, 7 February 2009

Finger's crossed.


Another 'interesting' day.

Isn't that the Chinese curse, "May you live in interesting times"?

With no rain greater than 1mm since mid December and the country side dried by a procession of high temperature days, fire danger is extreme. The last burst of over 40°C days was still. Today will be windy.

Here's hoping that it all passes safely.

Brown and crunchy is depressing, but it is better than black and dead.


  1. Good luck! I certainly intend to keep hydrated!

  2. I am so over it all Lee. My garden is dry and I have lost many favourite roses. Rrrrr

  3. Margaret's put a table in the front garden, over her favourite rose. Will stop sunburn but whether it will help with a hot, dry wind is anyone's guess.

  4. Even here in the winter for us, it has been almost utterly dry and warm. It was 70 degrees all week in February here. Unheard of. At least we'll get a break because come Sunday afternoon it is supposed to drop and not get above 15F for the week after.

    Watch out for the fires. We've had several already and with some 100 mph winds driving them, they move fast.

    Good luck and I'll think cool and calm at you!

  5. My cousin lives in Perth and she said there have been fires out that way. Scary stuff. I'll take snow over flames anyday!

  6. Even this crappy Indian weather is better than wat you sound like !!

    Hope its all well soon...

    Do the rain dance, australia!!!!

  7. I gather that bush fires are raging around Australia. I'm really hoping that things cool off and get wet over there.

  8. We are concerned from here for you all, it's unbelievable and it's constantly on our news here!
    So strange, you are hot, Q'land is flooding and we are cool and windy!
    Yesterday was 27C's here but the wind it becoming annoying.


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