Thursday, 19 February 2009

Boring is as boring does.


A federal judge has ruled against a US couple who accused Google of invading their privacy by publishing a Street View picture of their house in the Internet giant's free online map service.

In April of last year, a Pennsylvania couple filed suit charging Google with trespass, negligence, invasion of privacy, and unjustly enriching itself by profiting from the photo of their property.

"While it is easy to imagine that many whose property appears on Google's virtual maps resent the privacy implications, it is hard to believe that any -- other than the most exquisitely sensitive -- would suffer shame or humiliation," the judge wrote in the ruling.

Well, maybe the shame and humiliation comes from having such a dull and boring house?

And the plaintiff's names?

Aaron and Christine Boring.


  1. Beige is very fashionable this year. And they have a plant by the wall. What's your problem?

  2. I don't know... I think having your house and front lawn the same color is quite practical.

  3. Thanks for talking to me Lee...I don't hold out much hope of hearing from him again.
    I don't know what I will do...♥

  4. Every house looks the same around here...
    I am confused all the time...
    Whats with the privacy issue then? :D

  5. I love the giant sandpit in front of the house!

  6. Oh, too bad they didn't live in Boring, in my home state of Maryland.

    Shame and humiliation? maybe, but not for having pics of the house on line...

  7. LOL - would love to google up the judges home! bet that is not boring with what they make!


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