Friday, 20 February 2009

The fallen...


In the current economic climate, drastic measures are needed.

For no apparent reason, I have just been looking at my site stats.

I have just done the figures and it seems I get about 1,000 new visitors a week and about 250 return visits.

If only they would all leave comments!

However, at the risk of offending those who do, I am turning on AdSense. It may not get me much but, without a job, everything is something.

But I may have offended Google, we will see. Ads appeared immediately on my religion and politics blogs but are yet to appear on the sex blog. Either they cannot decide what advertisements to put there or I am about to get a smack on the wrist from Google.

We will see.

Poll: I have put a poll in the side bar to find out if you feel the ads are too intrusive.


  1. Come back later for the poll..
    Nice trick Lee :D
    I officially dun mind it though!!

    I signed up for AdSense long long time back..
    Wonder why they didnt post any....

    Maybe my blog aint that busy for them...

    do u get paid when we click the Ads??
    I will click on ALL of yours :)... if thats how it works?
    Lemme know!

  2. I don't like them aesthetically but they don't bother me that much. I wouldn't stop reading a blog (especially yours!!) just because there were ads up (though when someone does a product push in a post, I do skip over it). I understand why people put them up and though I've actually been approached by 2 groups to do it, I've resisted... so far. Work has been slow lately, though...

  3. I don't mind these ads because we can see they are ads, there are not too many and they don't ruin the look of the blog with mad colours or anything flashing.

  4. Go for it. I don't like the look of them on mine - I have high standards, you understand - but if it helps pay for the Friday night drinkies, so be it!

  5. I'll second the mass opinion and say go for it. They don't bother me.

  6. Well, congrats! And, may you see many dollars from it. If 'hits' are good, I'll try to help out.
    As for the cartoon?
    I thought it a grand picture of some of our car manufacturers, here!
    I like watching comedies on Thursday nights, and danged near every car commercial was a VAN/TRUCK/SUV, big hog-dog, eats gas if you look at it too hard.

    About the sex thing, I would be surprised if they pass on that.

    Google bought you tube, put out the call to reign in the porn (I actually watched a blow job on a late night you tube, once. They don't last long though)(the video, either) but in any case, I couldn't help but to notice that some does stay.
    Hot for Words is the blonde lady that (lady?) (benifit of the doubt) dictionary thing has five million hits on one of her words.
    One of the smallest hits of hers?
    Advertised as the most used word in all the world, all languages....
    Which I will not divulge now, in case folks want to guess what it is.

    only 300K hits or so.
    (well, probably more right after your readers run over there)

    Too long...
    I'm off.
    See ya

  7. They don't bother me, and when others in straitened circs have used them I've tried to help by hitting them sometimes, but bearing in mind what you said about constraints of time (re comment verifs), I don't generally find the time to keep that up, so I'm not sure how much they'll bring in. Worth a try though.

  8. OMG - just clicked to your sex blog - aaargh... I will probably not be returning... some of those pictures are enough to put me off my tea...

    But that blog should at least generate you a whole load of revenue! I saw some ads for the Bible as well as buying Scottish haggis online... ???

    Why have Adsense turned on (get the pun!) on the sexy pics blog and turned off here...

  9. Dang - I meant: you could turn on Adsense on the sex blog to generate more money.. and maybe turn it off on this blog..

    And when I said I wouldn't be returning, I meant to the sex blog... I will of course grace you here with my annoying spelling mistakes and comments...

  10. Ads are ok but annoying pop ups that just out at me drive me crackers..

  11. Thank you LadyFi. That is exactly why I have the blogs split up - so people can choose to avoid the seamier (steamer?) side of my bloggy-self!

  12. I'm okay with that. One travel site had actually approached me some time ago to put their ad but quick to comment that I need to increase my readers to get more incentives..and that make me feel offended. I hardly check my site meter and I don't really bother to get more people to read my ramblings..I just write whatever I feel like and I don't like people telling me what to write..that's not me anymore. So, I won't go for AdSense too..scared that they might ask me the same thing. But I have a feeling you'll generate quite an're famous!

  13. Don't know about famous, Hliza! I have Adsense on a website and get the princely sum of 20¢ a day. Not much but it turns into $70 a year and pays for the website so...

    Adsense doesn't tell you what to write. Quite the opposite - it uses what you write to choose the ads. Can be quite sunny sometimes.

  14. There I left a comment! :P

    Plus 1!!

  15. Great blog you have here.

    You were commenting that not many comment, that drive me to drop a comment. LOL

    Adsense is quite alright as they offer you some option of where you want to place it in your blog. As long as you place it well, not many will mind.


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