Thursday, 26 February 2009

Words fail me.

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Well, my words failed me.

Above is the graph for visitors to this blog (ignore Thursday as it is not finished yet.) and yes, there is an increase on Wednesday after I posted the Sadism, Besiality & Necrophilia post. But that is not why the numbers are up.

The numbers are up because I posted twice yesterday after getting all excited about the supposed Islamic punishment. The numbers are up because regular people visited twice. And those people who did come via Google had been looking for pancakes and eggs. (And an aside - my religion blog is regularly visited by people chasing up that old myth about how Beethoven would have been killed if abortion was in Germany in his day. That post was put up over two years ago and it is the primary entry point. There you go.)

And, AND, I suspect the vast hordes of internet bottom feeders out there had no idea what necrophilia was, only a scant idea about sadism and probably misspelt bestiality. It was all my fault, I fell for the lure of a cheap and old joke about flogging a dead horse. In reality I should have used "oral sex, anal sex, whores and studs".

Next time.

Bah! The difficulty of doing a controlled experiment!

I do have a test blog, where I trial bits and pieces for layout etc. Perhaps I will turn on statistics for it, leave it a week to bet a base line and then post a post called "oral sex, anal sex, whores and studs".

Stay tuned.


  1. well, rain feathers.
    I was one of the stupid people that kept coming back looking for results!
    I say 'stupid' because i'm also one of those people that know there's no way to measure either the actual mass of an electron or its velocity.
    (duh on myself, then)

    So, lesson learned?
    a weel long?
    The lesson is, don't tell us when you're doing an experiment in visitors....
    (that would be a duh on you)

    God, aren't statistics FUN!?

  2. Too complicated for me. Feedjit gives me the shits... anything more than that and I'd fall apart :)

  3. Diane: wouldn't want that to happen.

  4. You left out that number two all time Google enticer for my blog:

    "russian woman" "she bit"

    Now if you can conduct an experiment to explain why they were directed to me with that combo and *who* is performing such an odd search, you have a future in academe!

  5. Oh, my God. May be only the particular content, visitors will be up the outbreak. Hehehe.WOW ...

  6. Have a look at late night TV for some "sexy" ideas! LOL

  7. 'thin penis' has taken over the popularity of 'mom and boy' for my stat hits. sheesh.

  8. Let us know about the test results:-)

    Sure appreciate, I dont have type the stupid verifiaction words:-)

  9. Lee - you've kind of lost me with all these words that I don't understand but I didn't want to lurk. Why is mum laughing?

  10. The literacy level of the average internet pervert is very disappointing isn't it...

    (I do appreciate the fact that I do not force you to type nonsense verification words when I comment BTW.)

  11. Oh Lee don't worry about the statistics and stuff..I thought you blog for fun?

  12. Now look here, Lee, if you're going to put a cat in a box to see if it's dead or alive when we open the lid, do please keep it a secret, or we'll just end up influencing the outcome.


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