Saturday, 7 February 2009

Temperature update...


That's 115 in the old currency.


  1. Sounds like August here.

    Hopefully you'll get some rain and the temperatures will moderate soon.

  2. Hi Lee - we still have power but the weather is shocking! Like a oven and I do hope we get a cool change!
    Sky is full of smoke from the bushfires. Not good.

  3. My friend and I got scared and decided to hoof it back to town after being in the hills at Warburton. We could barely see the dark pink sun glowing through the thick, reddish clouds. Some clouds seemed to be lit from inside but I think it was the reflection of the flames on the other side of the mountain.

    And this "cool change" is laden with heat and the faint whiff of smoke.

  4. Holy crap. That brings back some memories. Of driving across the Tanami Track with the thermometer in the icebox....

  5. sizzling sausages!!!!!no need to light the stove then?

  6. Sizzling snakes! That'ssssssss hot!

  7. oh dear lord! hubby showed me pics of koalas sitting in buckets of water, drinking from pails and bottles held by what may have been firemen there. i wish you a big rain storm or 2 or 3 and a "cold spell" soon!

    i recall similar circumstances with temps a little lower and the devastation of it all (not to mention the personal discomfort if you have to leave the A/C!) just another reason i love where i live, rainy winters and all! cold showers several times a day help psychologically! :)

  8. Oh Lee that is terrible, I really feel for you.
    It has been extremely hot here today but didn't reach the temperature of 42 C that was predicted, I hope they have got the predicted temperature wrong for tomorrow, low forties.
    It is just getting too much,the heat,the bush fires, people have died,houses and everything lost, I feel so sorry for them and the native animals who have been burnt and the loss of their habitat, not to mention the poor animals like sheep, cattle, birds and pets.
    It is all very sad.
    Keep safe and hydrated. ♥

  9. That, my friend, is a tad warm. I am in Phoenix,AZ. Though we do not get the winds of Australia, I can relate. This post will be the Featured Post over at Worth a Thousand Words.

  10. well, bad news is: it's hot.
    good news is: it's changing.
    I see from your forecast down there that you, too, are about to do the slow change back to Spring/Summer...

    Today we are at fifties (the water was just frozen a few days ago) and there are great melts where there used to be snow.
    The birds are excited because there is so much extra seed, now. Well, I threw it down, and have been for several weeks now, but each new snow layer would cover it.
    Now, as the snow melts layer by layer, more and more seed can be seen.
    I'm getting birds from all over!

    Wait! Is that a FLAMINGO!?
    (well, yes, but, the plastic sort)

  11. Looks like you're in 'hot soup'!

  12. How are you all Lee? We got through it but what a day!
    I feel so sad for the people who lost their homes in the bushfires and of course, the 24 (so far) that lost their lives.

  13. At least I hope the power is on so you can run aircon? Mind you with bushfires it should be off isnt' it?
    Fingers crossed its dipping soon, the temps.

  14. Wow, what do you do to stay cool?

  15. read about the news of the fire in victoria. i hope you and your family are safe.

  16. damn. Sorry to hear about such horrid heat and fires.
    May it improve quickly!

  17. Perhaps hedging your wager next year by growing a few cacti?

  18. Seeing scary pictures on the news. Hope all's ok for you and yours.

  19. Inconceivable!

    Just so we get an idea, if water was at that temperature, would it be possible to touch without causing injury?


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