Thursday, 12 February 2009

Nine zeros.


The governments are are playing loose and fast with billions of dollars of late.

It is easy to loose sight of what a billion really is. True, someone said that a man with a billion dollars is as well off as if he was rich.

But what does a billion mean?

A billion seconds ago:

It was 1959.

A billion minutes ago:

It was 107AD, the Roman Empire was in full flight.

A billion hours ago:

It was the Stone Age

A billion days ago:

In honour of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, I can report that no animals walked this planet on two legs.

A billion is a seriously large number.


  1. haha, first of all I love your little note so much I almost forgot what I had to say.
    Hmmm .. oh yes, a billion is alot :-) I agree!

  2. A billion thanks for this lovely post!

  3. I have 6 zeroes in my bank account. Unfortunately, the zeros are FOLLOWED by a one and not PRECEEDED by it. Sigh.

  4. US Federal Debt is something like $380 trillion. What happened this many seconds ago?

  5. heh, Billion is SO over-rated.

    Trillion is the number of the day. Now Trillion, that IS serious.


  6. I do find numbers with lots of noughts very confusing.Just as well I'm not rich really

  7. does that mean you clicked on my White House picture on the sidebar?

    Actually, everytime I hear "billion...." I think of Carl Sagan.

  8. I have difficulties reaching even thousands now in my bank account..thanks to the tax ugliness..what billions you're talking about?

  9. It's even bigger than that, on the 'long scale', generally used in Europe, where it has 12 zeros. So a billion is a million million.

    Enough to make your head hurt!


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