Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Grumpy Blogger moment. Again.

My poor dogwood - brown and crunchy.

Life has been a pain of late. The finances, as represented by the shares that were funding my retirement, is on the pox side of ghastly; job prospects are slow and far from encouraging; my garden has been cooked and crunched by the "non-existent" climate change; my state has been been hit by the longest drought, the hottest temperatures and the worst fires on record. Also apparently a non-result of a non-climate change.

My enthusiasm is not high.

What I have learnt from my garden is that plants, when stressed, discard the unnecessary. Leaves are discarded, in some cases whole branches are discarded, to save the core plant.

I must learn from that. I have been discarding unnecessary stuff.

Inspired by Braja, one irritant I am going to discard is word verification.

I don't use it myself. I have finally tired of it elsewhere.

Come this weekend I will no longer be commenting on blogs that require me to use it. It is such a pointless thing to do and just makes commenting a greater pain than necessary. There is nothing personal in this, it is just self-preservation.

Grumpy? Maybe but that's the way it will be.

Oh, and if your blog takes 30+ seconds to load because of all manner of widgets, gidgets and gadgets in the side bar, please forgive me if I move on before it finishes loading. I have other things to do.

Now, for a nice cup of tea and a wee lie down...


  1. So let me get this straight: if people want to keep you away from their blogs, all they have to do is turn on word verification, is that right?

  2. Sheeesshhh... you are grumpy today.

    I hate the word verification thingamajig too and would turn it off in a hearbeat.

    Didn't know it was possible in the first place.

  3. wow! ritcher scale of 6.0 of lee? is there a volcanic eruption soon? hopefully not.

    everyone is feeling the pain, me included. hang in there, we'll all get through this. sending some cool good thoughts over.

  4. I do appreciate that I don't have to use word verification. ×

    Please cheer up Lee, I know you have had a lot of stressors of late with weather, the financial market and discouraging job prospects but I'm hopeful all will improve and your garden will grow again. :-)

    So does this mean I will have to remove all of my bits and pieces on my sidebar so that you will come and comment? ♥

  5. Okay, I'm gonna turn the word verification off..but won't promise you I have nice stuffs to keep you coming. I might be as grumpy as you too these days..

  6. oh Lee, I just got my life back..hehe.Ok, the verification already turn off, I hate that too, but never notice it can be turn off.

  7. Lee: I feel for you, and I understand.

    A cup of tea and a wee lie down sounds like just the thing...

  8. no one said it was going to be easy!....so sorry about the fires in Oz...take care grumpy chops..

  9. Poor Morty McGrumpenstein (that's what I call Ryan when her face is tripping her). But you know I feel for you. I'd have a cup of tea with you... if I had water... with which to make the tea... or wash the cup when I was finished... or flush the toilet with when I have to pee it out. Maybe I'll just have a lie down.

    Feel better!! xo

  10. Eliminating and not tolerating the unnecessary. Makes perfect sense.

    Hope all things get better for you soon.

  11. Well, I don't believe in word verification and I hope my blog is a fast loader.

    The nasty world economy is effecting us, too, and we are rattled, to say the least.

    We are all hanging in there.

  12. I suppose my blog is a slow loader. I long ago dispensed with WV. Some of the wordpress sites have so many hoops to jump through, I just go away in disgust. Then! to be told your comment will be visible after approval??? What are they so afraid of? I will just join you in the grumps! Bugger the tea, & no lie down.

  13. what is with the weather!!!! We had a vicious hailstorm in the Hunter yesterday. The windows were pelted so hard I thought they would shatter and my newly-planted vines got shredded. Fire and ice, floods and drought. All at once. what a country.

    I felt a bit guilty worrying about my vines when people have lost entire houses and even lives. Despite that, I think you deserve a little commiseration for the dogwood and the dividends.

  14. Word verifications are messages from the universe. You must interpret them and live your life accordingly.

  15. Hope the tea took the grumpiness away!

  16. Even worse than normal WV is "Disqus", which seems to be spreading like a poxy virus. Anything that requires me to log in, leave a name and password, ha! forget it.

  17. Yes - I love the fact that I do not have to type in nonsense word verifications! (Neither do you on my blog...)

    I don't think the media are now claiming that there is no climate change. Quite the opposite: the extreme weather conditions are surely a way of forcing us to do something to stop all this change?

    Hope the tea helped...

  18. Ooooooh! Who has got their knickers in a twist today, then?

    Cheer up Lee. You are alive; presumably in good health; have a loving family and your house has not burned down.

    "With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world.

    Be cheerful. Strive to be happy"

    (but I am going to turn off WV!)

  19. ah Lee - get thee to a swamp and contemplate the emerging skunk cabbage. You will be cheered immediately ;)

  20. I completely agree w/ hatred of slow-loads and wv. I just can't be bothered. Also DETEST music that comes on - probably competing with music I'm already playing in an awful cacaphony.

    and yes. about that non-existent climate change.

    sigh. stay safe, stay cool, drink lots of tea and enjoy your nap.

  21. I think we should all buy the poor fellow a tall, ice cold pint of beer. It might sooth the grumpiness that so he rightfully feels.

  22. I hope you had a nice nap and woke on the right side of the bed. I guess i will have to move 'take comment thing off' up on the to-do list. Tho i do think what Cosmo said was very funny.
    oh yea, and maybe we should all change to ? word press where you dont' even have to type in yr. name - it fills it in automatically!

  23. Oh and i'm sorry about your garden/plants and the fires.


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