Friday, 20 February 2009

Hopes up...hopes down...

The weather bureau has always been a 'non-prophet' organisation but I am starting to seriously wonder about whether even this has been overstated.

Have a look at the following sequence of weather widgets for Melbourne over the last few days:

Wednesday, 8am. Looks wet for Friday, no?

Wednesday, 4pm. Not quite so good for Friday. But showers at least.

Wednesday, 9pm. Still showers on Friday PLUS showers on Saturday. Fingers crossed.

Thursday, midday. Holding firm on two days of showers.

Thursday, 5pm. What happened to Friday?

Friday, 7am. What happened to Saturday?

This is not new, I collected these screen shots because it happens over and over again.

Every week we are promised showers (never rain) and, without fail, they don't show up. Of course, Tom, Bartek & others, I know that this climate change thing is all a myth but we are breaking a few records here folks.

We last saw rain of any value in mid December.

For my own sanity, perhaps I should do something positive... delete the widget.


  1. the year, 1988.
    Weather folks come out, say rain on Tuesday.
    Tuesday comes, well, the system is slowed down, we expect that thursday.
    Thursday comes, "rain on the weekend or early next week" is the call.
    (I'm starting to wish I was playing some nineball with these clowns, thinking they couldn't call their shots if they had their head hanging out the window) The story continues (honest to GOD)
    Turned out to be the record drought for Indiana, probably won't be topped until global warming changes structure.
    (what? Do I look like a scientist?)

  2. (ps....always, during the change, they couldn't forecast a stream of water coming out of the faucet let alone a weather system)

  3. Hey! in toronto atleast, they were pretty accurate...

  4. Just goes to prove that weather forecasting is not a science - but a game of chance...


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