Monday, 16 February 2009

Water safety


Headline: Clean water attracts sharks!

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Environmental protection of Sydney's beaches and harbor has created a cleaner marine environment, but is attracting sharks closer to shore chasing fish, say marine experts, after two shark attacks in two days.

I can assure you that any shark swimming near me will find himself in exceedingly dirty water.


  1. so you have your own inbuilt shark deterant!

  2. So much for cleaner water...but at least you might be able to see them coming to get you. ♥

  3. I certainly don't want to be swimming anywhere near you if there's a shark nearby.

  4. Wow, I would rather just not care about the environment if it was comin at me with sharp teeth.

  5. ...and I don't think a shark who's biting through your torso is gonna care if you just shat in the water, somehow...


  6. fellow in Florida with his dog, on the long docks, fishing. Dog falls in the water, shark grabs the dog, guy jumps in and starts wailing away on the shark, saves the dog.

    And, speaking as one who hasn't even gone into water over his head since watching JAWS (better than thirty years ago)
    THAT sounds like the brave fellow.

    I suspect that the dog was dirtying the water?

  7. Well, seems like the sharks will holla to you from miles away. Lucky your town!

  8. Good on that man in Florida saving his dog. "One in, all in," that's what I reckon. I pretty sure my people are with me on that one.

    So the people and dogs in Sydney can have dirty water or sharks. Tough choice.

  9. Not just did the post made me laught but also the comments!! LOL

  10. Ah - so that's why it's good if kids pee in the water!


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