Friday, 27 February 2009

Yikes! Boneman rattles the cage!


Well, so much for all my attempts at meddling with visitor numbers.

Above is the chart of visitor stats for my sex blog. Boneman, internet savvy, put a link to a post in my sex blog on some high traffic site and all of a sudden there are visitors! It's not who you know, it's where they link you from.

Now it is only 9:20am on Friday so the last column still has a while to go. It even seems to have paid off - 18 of of the 730 visitors clicked on ads and my retirement fund is $3.89 better off.

The orange bars are my returning visitors. They are the loyal band of regulars! It would seem that the folk who visited yesterday are not returning at this point. No comments, no new followers. So they come from curiosity but it seems that they don't like what they find. *sigh*.

Oh yeah, I did try putting every naughty word and phrase I could think of on a post on my nursery blog. Nilch. Not one visitor. But as it doesn't post, I guess the spiderbots have never been their either.

Better check the job ads.


  1. I don't know whether to laugh, or cry, or apologize, or ask for some of that (bigtime) income!

    If it makes you feel any better, I have inquired from an old boss about getting some work as an insulator, again.
    Plenty itchy, that.

  2. $3.89, you could almost get a cup of coffee with that.

  3. Does "returning visitors" mean someone who's returning to your site today? Or is it a regular visitor, someone's who's returning to your site after visiting it in the past?

  4. Hooray for boneman,

    Controlled experiments can be tricky : there was a letter sent to the New England Journal some years back (15 or so) about adrenalin levels when bungee jumping and measuring those levels but the writer pointed out that it would be difficult to have a control group because that would entail grabbing total strangers who had no plans to jump, strapping them in, fixing them up to a monitor and then throwing them off a great height...

    P.S. I follow this blog as I do your others, Lee but the others are Blogger and this one is Google and, lazy animal that I am, I can't be bothered to open a Google account ! This means that I turn up in your statistics as a visitor but a very faithful one nonetheless.

  5. Perhaps they were in need of a sticky site ( I use the word advisedly).

  6. I'll get busy clicking on some of those ads for ya, see if we can get that retirement fund up to $3.90! :-)


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