Friday, 20 February 2009

Late update

Friday 4pm: A late update to the post, two back.

Miraculously we now have showers Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

Should I clean the cobwebs out of the dust...uh...rain gauge?

Hint: Outside, we have bright sunshine.


  1. Well I'll do the rain dance for you guys ok!!

  2. I'll hope for some rain for ya, too!
    (probably have to eventually, so I guess it would be OK to predict it.
    OK, RAIN this week-end!
    boneman calls it in at 0142 hrs Friday morning, Lee and all Eastern/Southern portions of the country get rain this weekend....)

    Tell ya what I'll do...throw some water really really far into the air, and in a Southernly direction....If it stays aloft long enough, it should be hitting you about.......

  3. hope flea's raindance will work, not chase the rain away.
    hope they hear boneman's command.
    hope it'll rain...

  4. I hope you get some of that promised rain... In this case, it's more of a: sun sun go away, come back another day...

  5. I hear being a weather forecaster in Melbourne is one of the world's most stressful jobs.

  6. I hope you get some rain soon, we have had some rumbling thunder tonight and some light rain for about an hour.
    Cant complain at least its wet. ♥

  7. If I were I'd be smaching the PC to spite the widget by now.

  8. At least you aren't looking at 42 degrees any more! That's got to be a relief.

    I'm told we are getting more than usual rain here; maybe I should visit your place. LOL If I brought our trailer, it would rain for sure (trailer leaks). Here's hoping you get some soon.

  9. It's sunny here, too, this morning, but a brisk 16 F.

    I have a bit of Cherokee blood. I'll do a little rain dance for you today!

  10. Rain Rain, you can come along!
    We'll even sing a Nice Rain song!
    A tune of droplets falling to Earth
    exploding and splashing, all full of mirth!
    And happy Gardeners outside, dancing with glee
    (and the neighbors wondering about insanity)

    Rain! Rain! Lovely Rain!

  11. Lee, I am not holding my breath on the rain .

    I am so "over" summer! LOL

  12. I don't mind mowing... let me know when you need me :)

  13. Thank you for leaving good wishes for Big AL's birthday- even if your hand was forced by the all powerful Diane.

    I wish you RAIN...and lots of it!


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