Saturday, 7 February 2009

Fame, no fortune.


Got an email from BBC Radio Wales this morning, wanting to interview me.

Radio, it's still out there!

Many moons ago I teased Nigerian conmen with J Cosmo Newbery. The results of that are on his Sweet Chilli Sauce site. The BBC Wales are doing a consumer awareness program on scams and how to recognise them.

Monday February 9th., 10:30am GMT.


  1. I'll go with J. Cosmo - Wales is still out there?

    Just kidding. Have fun with the interview. Let me know if it is going to be on some of their shortwave broadcasts. I get some of them late at night here in the middle of the US.

  2. "Many moons ago I teased Nigerian conmen with J Cosmo Newbery." You make me sound like a worm on a hook. Or a goat tethered in a clearing, somewhere tigery.

  3. Oh my lord - I know a famous person!

  4. I think I got that same email! ;^)

  5. Ah - those familiar scams. Well done on you for teasing them!

    Can I have your autograph?

  6. well, I knew that I would miss not having satellite for a reason.
    They don't play the BBC here in Indiana too much. Afraid we'll be gatting ideas, I guess. Warning: Ideas may flourish in the minds of the viewers)
    So, good luck with the interview!
    I STILL read the book, and laugh through most of it! Lent it to Jean (Pondering.......) and she howled, too.
    That J Cosmo is one funny guy!
    Not near the goat pictured, tied up to a stake.


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