Friday, 27 February 2009

Big Game Hunter


Something odd happening out there in Blogland today.

Henry the Dog posts about the wrongs of fur.

J Cosmo Newbery posts about a big game hunter called Henry.

All in all it seemed useful to post the above cartoon.


BTW: the attendance figure for the day over at The Curate After Dark is now 497 new visitors for the day. 6 people have returned. Ad revenue has passed $4 for the two days. No comments posted.


  1. well, I hope Henry the Dog also doesn't use leather products, either, as they were what the fur hung on.
    I suspect that means that he is a vegetarian dog, but, that wouldn't be hard to believe....mostly corn with meat flavoring, anyway.

    And, omigoodness....look how I'm dressed this evening.

  2. It was a coincidence. Really it was. I have been fiddling with it for a few days (the poem). I could replace Henry with any two syllable name...

  3. Boneman - of course I use leather. And, of course I'm not veggie. Hey, love your coat.

    J Cosmo I believe you now, truly I do.

  4. Hay, with all the $$$ you are getting Lee - when are you shouting all the regulars out??

  5. Well, I'm in the run of it too, as I posted a picture yesterday of a Trophy Room wall, albeit with soft toy heads, because I am calling my Followers Block in my sidebar my 'Trophy Room'.

  6. $4 - is that good? It sounds like it but what do I know.


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