Sunday, 22 February 2009

It's a nice day outside!

Not raining admittedly, but nice none the less.


  1. Nice is good. We take what we can.

  2. So, did you go outside?

    PS: I took what you said. I registered for AdSense..who knows it'll help in rainy days..

  3. woww..its an breaking news, and its start raining this few

  4. Its just cold and ugly out here.

    Spring is the light at the end of my tunnel right now!

    Hope you enjoyed your day!

  5. Nice?......Ok, but would it be better if there a steady, gentle downpour for a while (what the Irish would call a "soft day"?)

  6. There should be more of this in the news. Good news sories are everywhere, e.g. "A man went into his back garden lay in a hammock and read a book. In further developments, he had a short nap."

  7. I'm told if I can hang on for just a few more weeks, it'll truly be Spring at last!
    Wait, though. That'll make it the twentifirst of March...That IS Spring, alas!

  8. Good to hear you have a break in the bleakness my friend! :)

  9. Well, a good bit of weather is good for the soul... Hope it rains soon!

  10. at 16 F it's no fun here, now.
    But I hope it's raining cats and dogs there!
    Well, maybe not cats and dogs, anyhow, and for sure, please, Lord not a bear!
    (that would hurt)

  11. Nope. Dry as the sands of Sahara. You've no rain there at all, I fear.
    Is there anything you can do to repair?
    Yes. Consider next year.

    Oh, fat chance that if prepared it will repeat and be the same, again.
    But, then to imagine the chance gives you the edge to leave off part of the pain.

    There are grasses that enjoy salty water (oh? you say there's an ocean close by?)
    And grasses help keep the ground cooler beneath, where roots grow unseen by the eye.

    And plants such as yucca and other cacti, too.
    Not so much the help this year, but the next it will do.

    OK, that's quite enough, I should be off and flying.
    Leaving you to your dead bushes, and sitting next to your trees, crying.

    Sorry, old boy.
    but the weather's
    made us all a toy.
    And like an adolescent
    takes us apart (bad science)
    Just as we did when we were kids, too.


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