Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Orange Back?

While we are on money, above is a new US $10 bill.

It's orange! What happened to the green back? Is nothing sacred?

I hope the street vendors in outback places are up with the changes. I have visions of heated arguments "It is real money, it's just not green anymore! What? You wont take it? Well you can forget me buying your "genuine illuminated plastic statue of David, with ashtray" then sport!"

We'll see. I might save a fortune.

Oh, and Photoshop had no qualms about printing the picture of the note. Still puzzled about that one.


  1. That's because Photoshop thinks the US Dollar Bill is green in colour. Since the new note is orange (Orange!) the programme thinks that it is not actually scanning a bank note.

  2. Are all the notes of the same colours for USD and AUD? Ours have different colours for different vakues.

  3. The US notes all used to be the same greeny-black colour. Australian notes are different colours for different values. Not only that, they are plastic rather than paper. I got some Malaysian notes today but haven't looked at them closely yet.

  4. a small step into a more colorful world! I've always hated our boring money when I see what other folks get to play with!

    I think the size differences are interesting - that doesn't even seem under consideration here, but - as apparently the rest of the world understands - could be a real help to those who have trouble seeing.

    maybe we'll catch up on money at least.

  5. Yellow banknotes will cause consternation among the televangelists who have always assured their dupes that green is the colour most pleasing to the Lord.

  6. look, i've been petitioning for pretty money for years so don't ruin it by complaining! they may take it back! ;0)

  7. Yeh....I wish they would give us back our lovely orange-y $2 bill, but, no....we now have the "twoonie"... and added to the Loonie.... brother.... they are taking away all of our colourful paper money.

    If this keeps up we'll need a wheelbarrow to haul around enough to buy anythng. Pockets don't like it....


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