Saturday, 5 January 2008

It's getter closer...

As well as potatoes and frogs, 2008 has also been dubbed the International Year of the Suitcase.

By me.

Around about the 1st of March, Margaret and I are heading off to conquer, or at least bamboozle, the world. So much for the International Year of Planet Earth. We were heading off on the 6th of March and I was planning a 'two months to go' post tomorrow but some last minute changes yesterday have messed that around.

The places on the list are Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Mongolia, Russia, Scotland, England, Wales, France, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Peru, Ecuador, Galapagos Islands & Cuba.

Apparently visiting Cuba automatically makes me persona non grata in the USA for the rest of the century and possibly beyond. Bit sad. I would have thought there were a few other countries in that list that were more dodgy.

Scotland, for example.

It looks as if I will be spending my birthday in Malacca, Malaysia, and my wedding anniversary in Marrakesh, Morocco. Margaret's birthday will be spent in Melbourne. A big year for the Ms.

Exciting times.

If you could sit down and plan a long holiday, where would you go?


  1. What an eclectic bunch of holiday spots, but ever so fascinating :o)

    Scotland definately as i have many family there. The UK...Dubai....Greece...Spain & Africa.

    Lucky you 2 :o)

  2. I'll email you for the itinerary ... as easy as that, your trip certainly sounds fantastic! I'm so envious, I hope you post heaps and also photos, we would love to "go" on the journey with you guys.
    Counting sleeps ....

  3. I would not demand we 'sleep with' you & Margaret.
    I believe in privacy...
    But, we would all love to share your journey, as far as it possible, & decent to yourselves!

  4. Why is Scotland dodgy?

    Apart from the rain and Nessie?

  5. Lee

    A lovely holiday to be sure. As for me, I would love to visit Alaska


  6. Hi Lee, and happy New Year.
    I have been away, and just today managed to get to my Blog (after re-installing my virus scan - a lenghty process!)...

    sounds like your New Year is going to be full of fun! - if we don't chat before that I hope you and Margaret have a wonderful time hopping around the world.

    cheers for now,

  7. Too many place to go. I would love to be able to take my son here around the states...for me Europe would be a pleasure.

  8. Wow! Wasn't there a movie several centuries ago called "If it is Tuesday, this must be Belgium"? I sounds like you are going to have quite the adventure. Will you abandon blogging while traveling or will you drag us along? How long is all this going to take? I mean, a week per country listed is already over four months!

    Where would I go? Australia & New Zealand, of course!

  9. yep, speaking as a died in the wool Englander I'd concur with you on Scotland.
    Sounds terrific, send us all postcards.

  10. holy cow! when are you in morocco? i'm there in march. taking the train from london to marrakech so it should be a adventure

    and why is scotland dodgy? i'm going there in may - is there something you're not telling me?!

    please blog while traveling so we can tag along!

  11. Lee,

    As far as I understand, the US embargo on travel to Cuba only applies to US citizens. You should be fine!


  12. Thanks Al. The problem is that the US designates Cuba a state sponsor of terrorism. Travel agents here have learnt that, to their client's detriment, entry to the US if you have a tourist visa to Cuba in your passport is far from certain.

  13. Wow... I wish I could globetrot like you. Maybe when I'm a bit older and have more savings I'd venture out into the world.

    I would love to visit Europe. Maybe catch a footie match or two in the process...

  14. wow! international year of suitcase indeed! :) what an adventure! will you post pictures during travels? would be so nice to go traveling via blog with you and margaret!

    i was born & bred in malacca. yay! welcome to me little town.

    ohh... my list would include new zealand, europe, asian countries, and oh so many others. if all goes well, gene and i are going to holland in april.

    happy travels lee & margaret! :)

  15. I will be posting to a blog via email. I am not sure about the mechanics of photos as I will not be taking a laptop with me. Can anyone give me some hints and tips for blogging on the road?

  16. Hope you have a great or (Marvellous in keeping with the M's) holiday!

    My idea of a great holiday where ver that may be and in order of importance is: Food (not in a try everything once kind of way)! Fun (theme parks is a good start). Experience (the culture) and just relax!

  17. Good for you! I'm jealous.
    hmm. where would i go? everywhere!
    Italy, Morocco ( and other places in Africa), Australia, Hawaii, Thailand, everywhere.

  18. Lee, I've a number of friends who are US citizens and have visited cuba.

    One must fly in/out of a third country, and the Cuban embassy has been sympathetic, willing to provide the visa as a separate document that you present WITH the passport, and happy to not stamp your passport on request. If Cuba is someplace you really want to go, I suggest you check with the Cuban embassy about your concerns.

    Thoroughly practical people.

  19. Thanks Hayden. I have no problems with visiting Cuba; it is straight forward enough. I just find the US govt's response to such a visit a tad puzzling.

  20. Looks good, Lee. How long are you gone for? (and how long will you be resting when you get back?)
    As for me - well a year each in Oz and NZ would be good for starters!

  21. Birthday in Malacca?'s getting nearer..

  22. Many of us in the US find the US governments attitude to Cuba MORE than a tad bit puzzling. Probably why it's been a popular tourist destination - it's forbidden to us. Things were actually very loose until Bush came into office - and the change had nothing to do with 9/11. It had more to do with the Republican support of Cuban expats whose votes were needed to carry Florida. The expats are vehemently anti-Castro, and work hard to keep the enmity against him alive. The supreme court ruling on the very close race in Florida, you might recall, cost Gore the presidency.

  23. wow...nice...would like to travel like u too... can i tag along..can i?..can i?
    have a very, very nice holiday..
    don't forget ur sunscreen...


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