Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Help! My lettuce are melting!

We have had two days with 40+ temperatures and the garden is not happy.

Most things are limp.

I have not watered it with tap water since January 18th last year and instead have been using saved rain water, shower water and laundry water. Tomorrow I think I will call in the reserves and use some tap water. Unfortunately we are only allowed to hand water 6am - 8am, two days a week, so I will have to set the alarm. At least it wont be cold.

So what did I do to take my mind off the heat? Painted a beach scene. Still got a bit of work to do on it. Haven't painted for ages, and it shows, but nice to get going again.



  1. Should have given them to the rabbit.

  2. A beach painting is a good idea, waterfall would be good too. Can you upload that for us to see? But it can't take away the heat for sure..

  3. can't wait to see the painting.

  4. Yes, please show us your painting when it is finished.
    BTW, did Margaret like your wonderful stained glass windows?

  5. Yes, the window was received to popular acclaim. The painting still needs some work.

  6. I can feel for you......We have now been completely cut off from watering outside at all. It is level four water rationing. And they are increasing our water bill by 100%. I called them today to ask if they didn't think that was a bit punitive? Anyway, this is the state that gets five inches of rain a month...yet they can't seem to fill the lake. But then when they let out more than they take in we will always have this problem. They are trying to keep the muscles alive down in florida.....they are more important than my flowers I guess. It is the pits......I was told by the water man that a garden was a mere luxury.....


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