Monday, 31 December 2007

Carrots and such like.

Yep, they are all carrots. And you thought they were orange coloured, didn't you!

Never mind.

But what prompted this post is not a carrot at all. Well, not really.

It was a rabbit.

We are looking after a neighbour's rabbit while they are on holidays. I don't know its name so I call it 'Bunrab' when I am in feeding it. I think 'Bunrab' comes from a Pogo Possum cartoon series of long ago. There you go, you can use radiocarrot dating on that bit of information.

Every time the neighbours go on holidays they give us a bag of carrots to supplement the dry food they have for the rabbit. Every time I go in to feed the rabbit I chuck away the limp, withered and, without putting too fine a point on it, disheartened carrot in the compost and leave a fresh, cool, crisp carrot.

The rabbit never touches the carrots.

Where did this rabbit-carrot thing come from? Bugs Bunny? Peter Rabbit?

Any of you out there have a rabbit? Does it eat carrots?


  1. Nope I don't have rabits nor do I enjoy eating carrots. But I do eat rabbits though. Taste like chicken but better....

  2. I had a landlady who keep rabbits as pets and she told us her rabbits love eating any vegetable form carrots to cabbage and so on. She left a supply of carrots for a week in the cage when she went away once. When she's back they are all dead because they had eaten all the carrots even though they're too full; they can't tell when to stop.

    When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was craving for rabbit 'satay' (looks like Turkish kebab), and the whole family had to search it for me. I finally got it..but regretted eating I feel sorry for the rabbits.

  3. Happy New Year!

    Maybe the rabbit likes his carrots withered? Just kidding, really I don't know what they eat. I do know that the wild rabbits are doing a heck of a job on a friend's lettuce plants. Maybe they would like the carrot tops better.

  4. When I was a teen my sister and I were given a bunny as a pet...
    and he was mean.
    Really mean.
    He would growl, and chew through stuff, and try to bite us if we got too close.
    He was horrible.
    One day he was set free-
    and I hope a hawk got him!
    I don't recall that he cared for carrots as much as he liked hiding under the bed and eating books that were stored there...
    dang rabbit!

  5. As an Australian with an in-bred detestation of rabbits, I suggest a spread of 1080 on a slice of wholemeal bread.

  6. I've had orange, purple and yellow carrots - but never white or black???? Black - is that really a black carrot? ugh.

    I cook bunnies, I don't feed them. No clue what they eat. I did once fantasize on having a rabbit and feeding it thyme and rosemary, then getting it drunk on cognac before getting someone to off it for me. Sort of internally marinated. Or so I day dreamed...

  7. The bunny is getting full up
    on the dry stuff, so the work
    to chew the hard orange thing
    just is not going to happen.
    Bunny's roasted with.....
    never mind.


    The answer may be here/or there.
    Very fond of your work.

    kay lee

  9. i had a friend who owned a bun for a while. it preferred lettuces and cabbagey things over carrots - i think whoever said the bun was sick of dry food was right.

  10. When rabbits get into your garden to eat your crops, they don't often trim, peel and wash them off first, and they aren't cold from the refridgerator either... try giving him a room temperature carrot au natural.. :)

  11. I never saw so many coloured carrots! I just thought the white ones were parsnips.

    I think the rabbits like the green stuff- you wilting lettuce would make a nice snack!

  12. I assure you. Rabbits DEFINITELY like carrots.


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