Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Stand back!

The annual Boxing Day sales are on.

Remember all those 'Peace on Earth, goodwill to your fellow man' pledges made over lunch yesterday? Well, they all count for nought in the mad stampede for bargains at the sales today.

Do not stand in the way of a shopper and a bargain. Look closely at your insurance policy and you will find that such suicidal an act is expressly excluded.

It is a time when you realise just how thin the veneer of civilization really is.

Richard, with all the confidence of the the young and inexperienced, headed off to Chadstone, the local shopping complex this morning but, to his credit, he left home at 7:30am. He was home again in two hours, largely unscarred and with three books.

Do they have Boxing Day sales where you are? Do you go? What are you looking for?


  1. I went to chadstone today (boxing day) actually. Not to shop, to see a movie. The cinemas weren't that busy at all, but the car park and the shops were packed.

    Mum went to the city and came back with a pair of shoes that she 'rescued' from a sale.

  2. Oh Good God... I hate the mad rush when "The Great Malaysian Sale" is on.

    Seriously, it baffles me how people can endure the torture of circling the parking lot looking for a nook to park their cars and then face the frantic crowd in a packed mall...

    It drives me up the wall.

    As a rule, I go to a sale if, and only if by coincidence I need to buy something. If not, I avoid malls like the plague.

    Of course, an option is to take an annual leave and shop peacefully on a week day when everyone else is stuck at work. Ha!

  3. We don't have Boxing day sales, but the Great Malaysian sale is on till 1st Jan..nothing different from the normal sales we have. They do it too often and the thrill is lost. I went shopping for school stuffs today..nothing crazy or extremely low..boring!

  4. Don't observe Boxing Day here but certainly have after-Christmas sales and they are busy. I might go to the beach but not the local Westfield Shopping Center! It wouldn't be safe. LOL

  5. no Boxing day in the US, but the after-Christmas sales are frenzied, dangerous places to go. I detest it all and never go; but this year did wait it out on a jacket, then picked it up online today at a handsome discount! Will also shop online for a new pair of leather gloves before the day is out....

  6. Boxing Day sales (indeed, any sales) NO!

  7. Pfft should have guessed Seinfeld season 8 and 9 on sale is too good to be true.

    Cheap liquer chocolates never fancy me until they are slashed 50% off...same goes for the "hot chocolate gift set" (consisting of a dodgy spoon, no name brand coco powder and a packet of expired marshmallows).

  8. the day after xmas is black whatever day it falls on. i skipped it this yr. all shopped out. i might go tmrrw to get some wrapping paper for next yr. ( at 50-75% off). but i will try and keep the blinders on, as for anymore new clothes, that i don't need.


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