Thursday, 13 December 2007

Well, what do you know...

Just got an email from the BBC - can I do an interview on their lunch time show?

Well, I suppose so, it is very flattering. But their lunch time is about 1am for me.

Oh, why not? Put the coffee on...

It all goes back to my misspent youth, harassing Nigerian conmen.

The interview was last night: The email invitation came at 9pm and the interview was at 1am. So, sorry I didn't get much time to tell anyone but I gave you all I had. It was on the BBC Wales webcast.

Post interview thoughts:

A bit of an anticlimax in the end - a few minutes of questions stuck in amongst news, weather and community announcements.

The sad but familiar trigger for the show was an 80yr woman in the UK who parted with £16,000 in response to a Nigerian scammer. Unfortunately the other interviewee, Tony Neet, focussed on the vulnerability of the elderly to scams. My experience is that age is no limit to people's gullibility. And greed.



  1. Misspent youth harrassing Nigerian conmen? Sounds more like a youth well spent!


  2. What an honour, congratulations!

  3. Lee

    Let me know what programme it is for and I'll listen out for it


  4. Oh how cool...where can I listen to it?

  5. too cool-congrats on being asked!

  6. this doesn't surprise me... your intellect, wit and heart are a rare combination... add to that the wisdom of years and there is no question you are a prime candidate for accolades and interviews! thanks for sharing this with us. you have made something extraordinary out of your life... and a good example for all of us.

  7. must be quite a big name to get this invitation Lee. I only know that you're extraordinary. Congrates!

  8. holy cow! you're famous! will you still talk to us little people?! ;) i must say, your responses to the conmen are brilliant comedy. really!


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