Thursday, 27 December 2007

Hunting the wild Haggis...

"The Haggis Hunting Season runs from St Andrews Day (Nov 30th) to Robert Burn's birthday (Jan 25th). It is a long held tradition that the finest restaurants attempt to be amongst the first to serve a freshly caught "Haggis Nouveau" for dinner on St Andrew's Day, accompanied by a fine Beaujolais."

So says the leaflet that accompanied a ceramic Haggis Whistle that helped fill my Christmas stocking. "Traditionally used to call the Haggises (or Haggi) down from the hills at the end of the season."

So, what unusual Christmas presents did you get?


My theory is that all of Scottish cuisine is based on a dare. - Mike Myers.


  1. Did ye no ken the Haggis is deef?

  2. That is an extremely unique gift!

  3. That Mike Myers quote reminded me of a TV show I watched a few months back which mentioned that meat stuffed inside a goat's bladder is a delicacy... but I'm not too sure which part of the world sees goat's bladder as a delicacy though...

  4. Have you ever get any unusual gifts? (We don't celebrate stockings, no gifts..just little play-pretend Santas and Santarinas..)

  5. Well, the Haggis whistle is up there with the oddest gift.

    I got a belly-button fluff removal brush once.

  6. I thought that whisky would be the only appropriate thing to serve with the haggis. Actually the only thing strong enough to override the taste as well! But a haggis whistle is a great gift. In our family we are way too stiff to give fun things like that.


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