Sunday, 16 December 2007

The dangers of purple rain...

There is a small problem with the jacaranda dropping its flowers...

Lazy bees.

Our bees seem to the the timid, unadventurous kind. Not ones for rummaging around in the tree tops where the yummy fresh flowers are, they much prefer to fossick amongst the fallen flowers. Could they be afraid of heights? Perhaps they get nose bleeds if they go too high.

But they are the natural enemy of the bare foot.

I love walking around in bare feet.

So it is a challenge to tip toe through the, not tulips, but jacaranda flowers and avoid inadvertently sending a bee to its heavenly reward and in the process getting a sore foot.

I love the mauve carpet effect but, as part of the 'uh-oh, Margaret's coming home Tuesday, better tidy things up' campaign, they will get swept up tomorrow.


  1. Walking barefooted on a purple carpet...why don't you clean up all the bees only..and get Margaret to dance with you (slow music please!)barefooted there? Theoretically so romantic!

  2. Hliza! You romantic! That's a lovely image.

    Two sleeps until Margaret returns.

  3. Fossick? What a spiffy word!

  4. i love these kinds of posts... so evocative and tender. it's great gift discovering things about blog friends that make us appreicate them even more. i cherish you and your creative spirit. thanks for being here to share. big hugs, snowsparkle

  5. maybe it's something that happens once they fall off the stem, they're more attractive, or sweeter perhaps for the bees...

    Must ask my florist friend later.


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