Sunday, 23 December 2007

Fruits of the season.

As I sat to type this I realised that we had just passed the longest day. Seems odd, when our warmest weather is yet to come.

But, on cue, the apricot tree is ripening. Christmas time is apricot time. We are getting lots of fresh fruit and looking around for things to do with it. True, much of it gets eaten as is. I made an apricot tart for dessert last night. I don't know what Freud would make of it - the meal started with Harlot's Spaghetti and ended with a tart. Oh well, never mind.

The blackbirds, wattle birds and possums also help us harvest the crop.

And yes, those are drops of rain on the fruit. Real rain. For the first month in ages we have moved onto the positive side of the monthly average. Now it is steamy outside. The gentle buzz you can hear is the garden growing.

Life is good.


  1. Yes, the time of mellow fruitfulness. We picked our first two figs yesterday, and lost our third fig to the blackbirds.

  2. No more mangoes visible on the trees outside..certainly this rainy season of ours had not been favoured by most fruits here. Hope to eat fresh apricots one day..I only get dried ones here, they're expensive!

  3. I love apricots, but, I'll tell y'what is really neat.
    Probably if y'all have them there the aroma doesn't touch you the same way as folks from elsewhere.
    Like, I had had figs before. Nice fruit, but, so? Then I went to Dan's one October (figs throw a second harvest in October) and low and behold, that wonderful smell.

    I must have looked like a clown (well, at least the cannibals won't eat me) walking around his yard just sniffing the aroma...

    When I left California for home I took several leaves with me and over the course of the next few months of cold I would put leaves in the water pan (on top of the wood burner...for humidity, y'know)

    Well, have an apricotty Christmas, folks.

  4. Those Apricots remind me of Christchurch, where they grow so well. Love tree ripened fruit.
    And yes, the smell is divine!

  5. No "seasonal fruit" for us in winter England, Lee. Apricots will be the dried variety.
    Glad to hear you are getting some rain at last - you guys really need it.
    Have a good one!

  6. yay rain! send any extra this way please!

    i've never seen an apricot in tree form before - thanks for the pic. i've only seem them dried, poor things. they look yummy!

    happy (insert holiday you celebrate here)!

  7. Have a happy rainy Christmas Lee!

  8. Harlot's spaghetti and ending with a tart - and where is your wife? LOL Missing her? Hope you had a fine Xmas and will have a Great 08.


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