Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Time to mop!

When I put 'mop' into Google images, this is the first picture that came up.

A roll-mop. Marinated raw herring with onion and gherkin inside.

Goes great with a cold beer.

Not really what I was after but it will do. You see, Margaret is 'in the air' as I type but wont be arriving for another 12 hours. Richard and I have been sweeping, mopping (the connection!) and generally tidying up.

Not woman-clean, you understand.

Bloke-clean. It's not as good as woman-clean but gets you points for effort.

And just to tidy up the story, after I have tidied the house, I think I will take a roll-mop and a cold beer to the gazebo this afternoon.


  1. Margaret will be so happy to see you that'll she'll overlook those dust bunnies.

  2. A-ha..honeymoon's over guys!


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