Saturday, 8 December 2007

Choice Time!

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It is still early days - I have to putty in the glass, clean it up and blacken the lead but it is transportable so I can put it in place to get an idea of what I might do.

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Two choices:

1. Continue with the original design and put this panel in the top window.

2. Put the panel in the bottom window and do something 'lighter' for the top.

I'll think about it.


  1. I choose number 2. i don't know why, I just follow the instinct.

  2. Yup. Me, too.
    When y'go to the door, seeing feet can clue you in to how to address who's there and, anyway, with the flowers up, it looks pretty to stand there.
    Nice job, Lee. What? Another career?

  3. ...and then I wander down the way and see what's goin' on and there's those nails.
    Well, m'friend, there IS another use for them.
    If you've a hammer or a hatchet, or any tool that slips off during use, well, you can "put them in their place" so to speak, with those nails.
    I know. M'hatchet just wouldn't behave at all till I used a couple of nails like that.
    Actually, mine weren't horse nails. I think they're supposed to be for nailing wood to concrete, but, they look similar.

  4. OK, so, a lil further down you show the window.
    Tain't a door window at all.
    (over here, all the doors have those skinny windows next to them)
    Still, it suits better to see the beauty of it while standing.
    Heck, if there's some qustion in yer mind about top or bottom, maybe y'all should just do two, eh?

    Not that I'm trying t'find things fer ya t'do while Margeret's gone....

  5. I've confused things by having the panels in the reverse order to the choices list. Duh! Sorry.

  6. I like the one completed sited at the lower window, & feel a lighter one on top would look great.
    You are a very talented person!

  7. ...or, I'm just easily confused.
    And, I am.

  8. Lee

    Would puy that beautiful panel in the top, so that it couldn't get damaged by feet.

    Tis truly a wonderful piece, well done you


  9. This is incredible, i love it!! amazing!!

  10. lighter on the bottom, i think.

  11. Nice panels, Lee.

    It all depends how you want your view through the door to work from both sides.

    Do you want someone to be able to see through at head height when standing outside? If not, weight the design to the top.

    If you feel that isn`t an issue, and you prefer to get a good view of your visitor, and you want extra light, then weight the panel to the bottom.

    Either way, it is a nice design, and it will look good.



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