Monday, 14 January 2008

Viva Brazil! Viva Photoshop!

Yesterday we attended Viva Brazil, a festival in Federation Square. There was Brazilian food, Brazilian music and Brazilian dancers. Quite a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Not often I get free license to watch semi-clad women dance. And the dance was all shake and wobble. The women were all well built and obviously having fun. No anorexics in this chorus line.

One of my gripes with cameras and photography is that the eye and brain conspire to make you unhappy with the photos you take. The photo below is of a group of dancers. In real life it was bright, energetic, noisy; lots of wobble, smiles and fun.

The eye focuses on the bits of interest to the exclusion of all else.

The camera's rendition is just a little sad. Oddly, because it includes everything, it is empty and sparse.

Close cropping and Photoshop helps put a bit of life back into it.

Viva Brazil! Viva Photoshop!


  1. I agree, the twist you add to it really makes one experience it more from the other side of the cyber world.

  2. Know what you mean, Lee. Taking shots like these on a very long shutter opening can also bring them "alive"

  3. Brazilian women have the right idea. I don't know when american got the idea to look good you had to be pencil thin. I like the look of a little "meat". But then I was always a bit zoftic, myself.

    I agree, some pictures just lay flat on the page, when in fact they were full of fire and sound. It is hard to capture some things in pictures. I like your photo shop rendition.

  4. Looks like fun. you just need a zoom, zoom in on those lovely ladies.

  5. That's really effective! Iwouldn't know it came from the same photo. Photoshop is creative, you have to have an eye for what effects will work, as well as simply knowing how to use them.

  6. under the heading of simpler is better...
    I mentioned the rabbit/carrot thing to Steve, and for crying out loud, the guy must'a laughed for hours.
    Turns out they eat the GREENERY on top!
    So, as the actual veggie goes to pot (in a nunnery, I suppose) it's actually "feeding" the greenery, and by putting it in whole, the rabbit will gleefully eat the greenery atop the carrot.
    (or is that carrot top?)

  7. Wonderful effective treatment to capture the life & movement of the dance!

  8. nothing like being there!

    sounds like fun though... lots of eye candy! *wink


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