Sunday, 27 January 2008

National Girt Day

.Yesterday, the 26th, was Australia Day; a day in praise of the only nation on earth with the word 'girt' in its national anthem. To celebrate this all round good thing, we (Margaret, Richard and I) packed up a picnic and went to the cricket.

No, not to the Australia vs India test match, to the local district cricket match. It didn't matter who was playing, we just watched for fun, sitting in the shade, sipping champagne and shouting out "Oh, smashing shot, Curruthers!" or 'Damn fine catch, Witherspoon!" as the mood took us.

Come the evening, Richard went off to a mates place for the night and we opted for a BBQ dinner, of sorts.

I say 'of sorts' because this was no 'paper plates on your lap' BBQ dinner but a nicely set up table out in the back garden.

The green and gold zucchinis, from an earlier post, so suitable for Australia Day, made a guest appearance on the BBQ.



  1. sounds like the perfect day!

  2. what a nice day! your place looks lovely! looks like you're a good cook!

  3. Yum guys really know how to enjoy life!

  4. I could so go for some of that BBQ right now.

  5. what a lovely day, and dinner looks really yummy!

  6. Was that Bill Carruthers? I think I know his brother.

  7. lovely day! dinner looks good! :)

  8. Love Zucchinni on the barbie, we do it often too.
    Great back yard!!


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