Friday, 11 January 2008

Coffee Gripe #2

Have you ever gone to make yourself a cup of instant coffee and not been able to find a tea spoon to open the lid of the can?

And when your finally claw your way into the tin, you find that there is a teaspoon INSIDE the tin?

What ever were they thinking?


  1. Now don't be like that. The telephone counselling place doesn't run to espresso.

  2. My, you are having a delicate day, aren't you!

  3. All these words about coffee and I'm ready to have a cup!

  4. Why is it so satisfying to break the tinfoil seal on a fresh tin?

  5. my first thought... that'll teach you for drinking INSTANT coffee! lol ick

    Ours here in the states comes in a glass jar... no spoon

    You know ANY flat edged tool will work big guy... knife, fork, screwdriver, dogtag ... tough to think though when you NEED that java!

    Have a great weekend!

  6. i am not accustomed to seeing instant coffee in a tin. we see it in glass jars; consequently no issues opening.

    wowow at your itinerary! you must be thrilled. i would be beside myself at all the adventure ahead! you gotta figure out a way to post some pics...maybe in internet cafes?

  7. Spoon INSIDE can?? must have been previously opened by lazy person.

    Please!! don't use the pet vegie knife to open!
    but, I guess if you are at work there wont be any knives in evidence??

  8. I only take instant coffee (that's like once a year!) and mine comes in a teaspoon inside for sure.

  9. hahhaha...always...always..
    but now the instant coffee comes in a jar... twist n turn...


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